Dear Parents Missing Games | An Open letter

teenage girl softball player emotions

We want to remind you to not feel bad for doing ALL the things it takes to raise a happy family – some of that which may include missing things, or splitting up or taking turns when you have multiple kids. We also want to reassure you that your kid will be just fine. They don’t think as much of us missing something as we do. The crisco layer of guilt we feel all day long when we miss something is not helping anyone. Life comes with responsibilities and we are ALL DOING THE BEST WE CAN.

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most likely to throw a sneaky changeup softball pitcher shirt

So here’s the warning. DO YOU. DO YOUR FAMILY. When your girls are young, play for the fun and the challenge and the growth that your child needs. HOLD TO YOUR MORALS. HOLD TO YOUR OWN VALUES. Try not to feel threatened everytime you run into your former teammate who is shitting glitter about the new, big, best, travel team they are on. Stay calm.

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A Softball Love Story | Softball is For Girls

softball heart

And that, is my softball love story. I hope that whomever reads this, realizes that whether they are in the dugout or on the bleachers and sidelines, there are eyes, very impressionable eyes – watching and learning about life through the examples you provide.

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Saying I Love You, Softball Style…| Softball is For Girls

concentrated female softball pitcher throwing ball

Sometimes, love doesn’t look like a Hallmark Card. In fact, most times it doesn’t. It doesn’t come wrapped up in a package with hearts, and it isn’t spoken out loud with the common words we are all accustomed to hearing. Sometimes, saying I love you, especially softball style – is more about what we do…

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An Open Letter from the Benchwarmer | Softball is for Girls

girl playing softball

So here is what I want to say. At some levels of this game – sure, the benchwarmer has a big responsibility. But if you and your team are just playing local tournaments, and a fun World Series – albeit competitive, please stop adding benchwarmers to your team. Warm bodies, just in case. And please stop telling the benchwarmers that they just have to work a little bit harder, and then when they do – going out and finding someone else, or a pick up player to do what us benchwarmers thought we were going to get a chance at doing.

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And, Chloe Cried | Softball is For Girls

Chloe cried the night before 3 day tryouts began, intimidated by the older kids and girls she knew from school that were on elite teams. Not sad tears, but nervous ones. She tried to control the mental chatter in her brain – vowed to do her best and off she went.

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What If? | Softball is For Girls

What if, we made sure our kids ALWAYS knew first and foremost that the outcome of a game, or the results of their performance NEVER EVER affects our love for them or how proud of them we are.

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When My Daughter Comes up to Bat | Softball is for Girls

Oh My God, how many outs do we have? Two outs. Are you serious????? Oh God,(folding head into hands) why does she always come up to bat when there are two outs with people on base? This is ridiculous, oh please, I hope she doesn’t miss. If she misses we are definitely going to lose this game. Wasn’t she up to bat last time we had two outs? This is crazy. What’s the score?

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HELP Wanted! |Softball Parents

HELP WANTED WEDNESDAY! Yep. It’s us again. And this morning, we are throwing UP our hands and placing our very first classified ad in the hopes that there is power in numbers, and that softball parents united can help us avoid reaching for the red solo cups we keep hidden in our coolers due to…

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Who is She Playing Softball For?

I remember before my kids were born, someone told me having children was like living with your heart outside your body. But it’s much more than that. Having a child, means that the very wind beneath your wings, the breath from your lungs, the blood from your heart and soul – can at any moment…

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