When She Smiles… | Softball Is For Girls

It’s Friday night on the way home from work 

I’m oh so tired and my boss was a jerk. 

I need to sleep in and have so much to get done

But tomorrow she plays softball, and she wants to have fun.

Early we wake in the morn, off to the fields we must go

And she’s grumpy and moody and can’t find her blue bow. 

She falls asleep in the car on the way to the park

While I get gas and some ice and breakfast in the dark.

Arrived at the field on time and the work just begins

Then she sees her teammates and greets them with grins.

Her first at bat she struck out, watched strike 3 go by

From the bleachers I am sure she could hear me sigh.

All that time spent in lessons, and she makes the same mistake

Sometimes I wonder if she just needs a break. 

Then she missed a ball and didn’t get the last out

The other team scored two and the coach did shout.

So she sits on the bench all pouty and mad

And rolls her tear filled eyes at me and her dad.

I wonder at moments, is this really worth all the money and time

The stress and spending our every last dime.

Some days the drama and the stress and the heat and the cold

Are just too much to handle, the hustle gets old

Before her next game I try and sneak in advice

Whether she listens or not is a roll of the dice.

She gets so down on herself, I hate seeing her upset

Her hard work and passion has been paid with sweat. 

And yet there are days where it seems nothing works out

And I am left with a girl who is filled with self-doubt…

All the running around, living in and out of the car

Dinners on the road, and traveling afar. 

At home the laundry is piling, the dusting needs done

There are dishes in the sink, the lawnmower won’t run.

The sleep that we are missing, weekends spent under a tent, 

Not to mention the massive amount of money we’ve spent…

Then just when I am ready to throw in the towel,

She comes up to bat and hits a roped dinger foul…

She has two strikes on her, the pitcher throws her a ball 

Those high pitches have always been her downfall.

She gives me a look, she wants to end her slump 

I give her a smile and a big fist pump!

The next pitch is thrown, the ball looks big and fat

And with perfect form, she hits the ball square with her bat.

The runners are going, she rounds second to third…

The cheering is so loud not a word can be heard.

And then she slides into the base, barely beating the throw

After a high 5 from the coach she stands on 3rd all aglow.

IN that very moment it all becomes crystal clear

That this game is so worth the headaches and tears.

The lessons, the practice, the new bats and early days

The money, the stress, the drama and delays. 

The attitude, being tired, the chores not getting done

These days at the field watching her having fun

The issues and trust me…all of those MILES

Become worth more than gold when I get to see her smile!



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