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A few weeks ago we had a thread on social media going about the best kinds of deodorant, because apparently girls that play softball stink. Lots and lots of recommendations.

But lets be real, the only way not to stink is to sit in the air conditioning and do nothing, holding your armpits open to the air and never putting on softball socks and cleats. Not an option, right? So here – we will share a few of the best ideas on how not to stink playing softball.

But first….we think you should EMBRACE the STINK, at least a little. Because for one, you are an athlete and your body is purging toxins while you are out there exercising and that is a good thing!

We are NOT an affiliate of LUME, but we have to say that stuff works. If you can get past smelling like a disinfectant cleaning agent for the first few minutes, we personally love the tangerine. The only downside is that it isn’t an anti-perspirant (although I personally think there’s something weird going on with products that stop the sweat – like what happens to all that ‘moisture’) But Lume helps. Personal recommend the cream because its a better value, and it is also easier to apply and works a little better.

There is also men’s deodorant, which for some reason works better. Grab a soap clean smell and you wont smell like a man. Favorite is the Old Spice FRESH scent.

Another important thing is to make sure you are washing your body with an antibacterial soap. Not to get all scientific, but basically the smell is bacteria, so all those girly body washes and stuff smell good, but they aren’t really cleaning the bacteria. And yes, do your feet.

Speaking of FEET. We have noticed that feet that are exfoliated don’t stink quite as bad as feet that are full of dead skin. So get a pedicure, and soak your feet and try to get all that dead skin off and keep up with it. Your feet are still gonna be disgusting unless you wear a new pair of cleats every day – but less disgusting. And those socks – soak them in a vinegar blend to strip them and then wash them. Wash your insoles (or cover them with clean socks before wearing) often.

Another tip…keep those underarms shaved, because you are gonna smell worse if you have long pit hair. Don’t know the science behind any of that, but it is the dog gone truth.

Another thing we love, and a lot of moms will love are the bra liners that absorb sweat under the boobs. They really work, are fairly comfortable and can keep you from getting a rash. Click here to see the ones we love!

Next…garbage in, garbage out. Your body is releasing toxins, so what you eat has an impact on how you smell. This is true for spices, but also for junky crap foods, sodas, excess sugars… The worse you eat, the worse you will smell.


If you are a fan of essential oils – peppermint and lavender oil and tea tree oil are great in the sweat areas (before you start sweating) and help to fight bacteria and make you smell better.

Speaking of scents – the worst thing you can do is carry around some sort of cucumber linen body spray and just spray yourself with it, over the sweat and stinky uniform, and roll with it. Good 99 degree day sweat mixed with polyester blends and a little spritz are sort of just a nauseating aroma. We say just roll with the smell of your body and forego the extra.

If you get a break between games, take off your pants and jersey and put on something cooler and cotton. Let your clothes dry. And then, put those stinky things back on when its game time.

The biggest piece of advice we have – WHO CARES. So you smell. Again, you are an athlete!!! You are supposed to stink, and no one really thinks much of it. Just do your parents a favor and shower before you get into your bed, and take off your dang shoes and socks outside. 🙂


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