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Yep. It’s us again. And this morning, we are throwing UP our hands and placing our very first classified ad in the hopes that there is power in numbers, and that softball parents united can help us avoid reaching for the red solo cups we keep hidden in our coolers due to the stress that these girls cause us!

WANTED: A softball mom or dad, heck at this point ANYONE who doesn’t share my daughters last name or live in her house,  who can tell my daughter, EXACTLY (and we mean verbatim) the exact same advice that I tell her (which by the way comes directly from the hours spent in lessons with HER pitching/hitting/softball coach) in the hopes that she will actually listen – without casting endless eye rolls or saying “Gawd, I know,” or “Would you just stop,” or “When can I go back to Joe Schmo hitting coach,” and who will  subsequently be able to save us the $40, plus gas money, plus time  (Seriously…time, do you even remember time? Is there such a thing?) – for yet another redundant hitting/pitching/softball lesson from the so called  ‘professional’ (no offense coaches) so that my daughter can hear the EXACT (and we mean verbatim) same advice/commentary/tips that I say during practice and games. (Which for the record is purely intended to be helpful, not naggy – because I love her.) Because apparently, my kid thinks I know nothing, and that I gained all my softball knowledge from Google.

Payment: The favor will be happily returned any time day or night, weekday or weekend – and you will become a hero in my kids eyes for “Saving the day” and be one of the only people in the world who can actually critique or “FIX” my daughter when she is having off days.

Hours: Anytime, day or night – weekend or weekday.

Skills Necessary: None, really. Simply must not live in the same house as my kid, or share her last name, or have my voice, or look like me, and be able to read the script.


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