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Softball is For Girls presents the SANDLOT!

If you are in High School (15 and Over, Keep Reading)

There are far too many girls who spend their childhood playing FASTPITCH SOFTBALL, then find themselves BLOCKED from the sport they love as young adults.

Seriously... who grows out of 6am wake up calls, and sweating through your clothes by noon, or being unable to feel your hands because your coach has you playing late into the fall/winter??

What fan doesn't miss WATCHING YOU PLAY?

And for the love of all things softball, what exactly happens to all those socks, gloves, bats, bags, balls, and T-SHIRTS that once upon a time ruled your life??? Let's not even mention the stinky, moldy cleats that hurt your feet and smell like CAT PEE!

Now... Enter the Sandlot!

((You can thank us later when you are so sore you can't walk, and sleep for an entire day because you are out of shape and EXHAUSTED)

So, here is how it works....

Instead of joining a team and spending 50-teen thousand hours a week practicing and doing the same old thing (because now you work, maybe have kids, or actual things to do, and have a real life - which we tried to warn you, SUCKS!) Softball works around your schedule. 

No team fees. No dues. No uniforms. No practice.


With the Sandlot, you can just grab your glove out of the attic, find something to wear (WE WILL PROVIDE THE JERSEYS), Call up your girls (or not), and show up for a 2-3 game round robin.

We provide balls (even have extra equipment should yours be lost).

We provide honorary coaches who are as old and tired as you, but LOVE the game.

We provide really cool umps, who just like the ones you had when you were playing "for real" will probably struggle with the rules, and the strike zone (always in your favor).

We provide 60 minutes of practice time before the games.

We provide a real field to play on.

We provide extra players, should your old teammates be SCARED!!!!!!

We provide prizes...

All you gotta do is show up. Bring yourself some water, some Advil, maybe an ice pack or two, sign a waiver (duh), get your biggest fans to show up to watch (small gate fee) and then HAVE FUN, LAUGH, RE-LIVE your GLORY DAYS, and PLAY SOME BALL!

And there you have it. Well mostly...

Don't forget to sign up at the link below, so you can be notified of events in your area.