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Girls Softball. It’s one of the greatest games on Earth and is so much fun to watch. If it weren’t then there wouldn’t be 10’s of thousands of families who choose to become gypsies every weekend to watch these girls play. And despite having been involved with the game from coaching, to being a parent of several players for well over a decade there are still a few things I just don’t get about girls softball. 

  1. Why is there never enough toilet paper at tournaments? Or let’s take it one step further, and ask why there are never enough bathrooms available at tournaments. I am no mathematician, but when you consider that a tournament may have 35 teams, each with 10-12 girls, plus the female fans – it seems that the men’s bathrooms should really become obsolete. Can’t they just put an outhouse out there for the dudes? I’m sure I am not the only one who sees the men take off into the woods during, between, before, and after games to take a leak and little boys just peeing on the playground – so why not just make ALL the bathrooms for girls? 
  2. Parents pay for the team, the uniforms, the lessons, the equipment. They pay for the gas and the food and the snacks and the water, and the trophies and everything in between. If it were not for parents paying for all of this stuff, there would be tournaments to attend, right? They (US, PARENTS) pay for it all – and THEN, just to add a little insult to injury, they have to stop at the gate, put down all the crap they are carrying that took way too long to unload from the car, just to pay again, to watch their daughter that they already pay for, play a game they pay for her to play. (Insert scratching head emoji) And worse…they have to pay for the siblings who get drug to the ballpark to play in the dirt who don’t even watch a game, and who certainly spend plenty of money at the concessions stand. AND they cannot even count on toilet paper or soap being at the ballpark?!? WTH????? Maybe instead of a ticket that shows we paid, gatekeepers should hand out a roll of toilet paper. 

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  3. Being a tournament director is no easy feat. We have a great friend who runs tournaments and we know the struggles of trying to juggle all the little pieces that make a tournament a great experience. We also KNOW the costs of renting the parks and the paying the umpires, and the insurance that they carry. But what we still don’t get is how some (not all) of these tournament directors seem to sometimes watch a weather channel that must be on some private TD channel that doesn’t show the big green circle of rain that is certain to rain out a tournament by 11 am. You know it. I know it. We all see it. We sit there and look at our phones and watch the circle of green doom inch closer and closer to our little blue dot knowing we may but probably won’t get one game in, but yet the tournament goes on. And then (see #2) gate fees aren’t refundable, and all we get aside from wet – is a small credit towards our next tournament and an apology that goes something like, “Sorry folks, we can’t control the weather,” even though WE (ALL OF US) knew all along, without any meteorologist experience at all, that the tournament would be rained out by noon. 
  4. Why we are so surprised if we show up to a tournament where a scoreboard is actually on, and works? I mean, isn’t that what they are for, and yet we all get super excited to see it lit up and working. 

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  5. So I am pretty sure there is a simple explanation for this, but I haven’t seen it yet. Why are baseballs so much smaller than softballs – yet the barrel of baseball bats is so much larger than that of softball bats? MInd BLOWN.

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