Softball Team Questionaire| Softball Is For Girls

University of South Carolina softball

If you are a softball coach who truly values the input of his or her players, and promises not to get butthurt or defensive, this softball team questionnaire is a wonderful way to build team communication and allow your players to take ownership and reflect on performance. Download your free printable copy.

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A Softball Love Story | Softball is For Girls

softball heart

And that, is my softball love story. I hope that whomever reads this, realizes that whether they are in the dugout or on the bleachers and sidelines, there are eyes, very impressionable eyes – watching and learning about life through the examples you provide.

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And, Chloe Cried | Softball is For Girls

Chloe cried the night before 3 day tryouts began, intimidated by the older kids and girls she knew from school that were on elite teams. Not sad tears, but nervous ones. She tried to control the mental chatter in her brain – vowed to do her best and off she went.

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Funny Things Softball Players Say | Softball Is For Girls

Softball Players say Funny things. Today, we share some of our favorites. We recently had a Facebook post looking for the funny things softball players say. After reading through the over 200 comments, with a couple of nose snort laughs, we realized that to offset some of the stress of being an athletic parent, we…

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Fastpitch Softball Translator

What we say, and what we mean are often two entirely different things. In our efforts to remain politically correct, it becomes important for coaches, fans, and parents to read between the lines – especially with all the tryouts and the upside-down basket turnover of players and teams that are quickly approaching as summer season…

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10 Tips for Fastpitch Softball Players | Softball Is For Girls

 Ball FIRST! As with all things in life, priorities will make or break us. We have to ‘bloom where we are planted’ so to speak, and in fastpitch defensively or offensively, it means your first priority is the ball. If you are always moving toward the ball, always following the ball, keeping your eye on the ball, it will lead you to exactly where you need to be. So keep it simple, and repeat the mantra BALL FIRST in your head while you are playing. And remember the ball is your friend…it’s one of the main reasons you are on the field. So keep it simple. Ball first. 

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What Matters Most | Softball is For Girls

Celebrating reaching 170K Fans on social media! With a little reminder about what matters most! When the day comes that you fold up your folding chair for the very last time, no matter where you have traveled, how many trophies or medals you have won, regardless of how many tournaments you have played in or the awards that you have gathered – it will be the PEOPLE and the relationships that you have met and made along the way that mattered most.

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Those Cleats

But it is in those cleats, that my daughter has lost herself and found herself a hundred times over, that she has learned when to walk and when to run, that she learned to trust her hands and her heart, that she learned the true meaning of friendships, and that the undying passion and love for a game that has been a huge part of growing her into the young fierce woman she is today, was first sprouted beneath her feet, wearing those cleats.

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Among Your Softball Team…

15 Years from today (FROM RIGHT NOW) the vast majority of these girls will NOT be playing softball.

What will the girls remember about you? What will they takeaway from their time on the field? What are you doing to encourage the skills they do have, to take advantage of their strengths? How will the girls among your team, remember you?

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