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When the day is long and the bats don’t hit REMEMBER YOUR WHY – and don’t throw a fit…

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When the day at the park doesn’t turn out how you wished it would, Remember your WHY, and know all will be good.

When you make an error, and boot the ball, Remeber YOUR why and get up and stand tall!

When the heat, and the rain, and the lightning persists Remember your WHY, and try to enjoy all the twists.

When your cleats are wet, and your bat breaks down, Remember YOUR why and try not to frown….

When you lose that BIG GAME, by one single RUN Remember YOUR why and know that with this, you’re NOT DONE….

When the coach yells in your ear and your pitches are WILD, REMEMBER your WHY and keep going my child….

On the days when you can’t seem to tell a ball from a strike, REMEMBER your WHY and don’t allow your anger to spike.

When you’re on top of your game, and all goes your way REMEMBER your WHY and keep your ego at bay.

When you think you can’t possibly practice any harder, Remember your why, dig deep and take one more groundball with ardor.

When the haters and critics try to put you down, REMEMBER YOUR why and simply straighten your crown.

NO matter what the game throws at you, even if you want to quit, REMEMBER your why and how good it feels to get a base hit.

You chose the game and the game chose you, REMEMBER your why and never give up on what you do.

Take in the smell of dirt, the grass, and the sweat, REMEMBER your why and you will never have to fret.

Love the game with all your heart, REMEMBER your why and how it felt at the start.

Hold close the friends, the coaches, the people who see you at your best, REMEMBER your WHY and forget the rest!

The day will come when this game will end, but if you REMEMBER your why – you’ll see that softball has been your best friend!

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