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Your softball team, it doesn’t just belong to you. Sometimes adults tend to forget that, and we know its an honest mistake. We know that coaches and parents always start out wanting what is best for the kids.

After all, the reason your kid is out there is because there was a parent or coach who decided to give up all their free time, all their money, and all their mental homeostasis to let their child play.

Anyways, enough ego stroking. The thing is that without your players, there is no team. And since the team is made up of players it is only fair to get their input.

Getting input, critique and allowing the players to take OWNERSHIP, is a risk for sure. If they feel safe enough to be honest and are honest you will find that they have opinions and feelings of their own that may differ from yours. So it’s a risk. And we suggest you only ask them if you are willing to lay down your ego, and truly hear what they have to say AND promise not to ‘punish’ any of the kids for their answers. In other words, you can’t get butthurt if the players call you out.

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The point is to keep communication clear, and to always make it a priority to have an idea what your players are thinking. Where their minds are. Athletes are competitive, and teenagers are especially moody. You would be surprised how many of them just suppress their feelings (grudgingly) and hold on to their frustration until it literally burns a hole in their love for the game.

So, if you’re going to use this questionnaire – its vital to follow these rules…

  1. First and foremost, ensure the girls know that this is a SAFE PLACE to voice their thoughts, that it won’t be shared with other team members or parents, and that you as the coach are going to clearly HEAR them out. And if you break this trust, it’s all over. 
  2. Let them know ahead of time, that just because they think they should play first over Susie, doesn’t mean they will. Just because they write down that they don’t think Ellie should be leadoff, doesn’t mean she won’t be. Let them know right off the bat, that the questionnaire doesn’t mean you are handing over your reins – but that you value their input.
  3. Ask the kids to fill them out either as a beginning to practice or end of the game. That way you don’t get a bunch of parent induced input.
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Communication is everything. And good team communication starts with the adults. Allowing  your players to take ownership of their team, and to identify what they feel are issues will give you insight AND empower your athletes.

So, if you are brave – and truly invested and interested in where the minds of your players are – download and print out the questionnaire at this link!


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