Words of Softball Wisdom From Amanda Scarborough

Just remember with every decision YOU make you are filling up your resume. Be responsible for your choices. 

Remember that with every conversation you’re job interviewing – take care of the impressions you leave behind. 

Remember, be open to new possibilities, you never know where they might take you. 

You’re the one in charge of your own journey, control your destiny. You are in charge of figuring out what makes you happy. Listen to your heart…really listen, then boldly stand behind your decisions and the direction you take your life. When you know that direction, BE ALL IN!”

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Those Cleats

But it is in those cleats, that my daughter has lost herself and found herself a hundred times over, that she has learned when to walk and when to run, that she learned to trust her hands and her heart, that she learned the true meaning of friendships, and that the undying passion and love for a game that has been a huge part of growing her into the young fierce woman she is today, was first sprouted beneath her feet, wearing those cleats.

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Flabby Arms & Cellulite

Overheard at the ballfield last weekend by a cute little ponytail wielding 10 year old girl softball player. “Hey Mama, you should get this tank top, its such a pretty color and it would look good on you and you could wear it to our softball games!” The mom agreed it was cute, checked the…

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The Softball Player

We, as a family and company – spend a lot of time at the ballfield. If we aren’t there watching our own kids play and coaching, we are working at a tournament. You learn a lot of lessons and realize a lot of things when you go to a softball field and just listen to…

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5 Bad Influences of the Softball Field! | Softball is For Girls

When you wake up and try to dump coffee grounds in the trashcan so you can make a fresh pot of coffee and see the trashcan looking like someone was playing an intricate game of stacking to see who could get the last piece of trash on the tippy-tippy-top without the whole thing toppling over…

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Softball Wisdom for Life | Softball is For Girls

If you have never read anything from Softball is For Girls, we ask that you read this and share it with your girls. Our motto has always been to empower, and these words of wisdom from a coach we know and love, pretty much says it all. Softball is not just softball. It’s life disguised…

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