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This article is actually twofold.

The first major point is the important role a comprehensive workout will play on a softball players performance. The second point is the significant impact a workout can provide when a team works out together as a team unit.

The game of softball evolves slightly throughout the years. It may be small changes year by year, but there’s always change. Our community has always been very centered around learning; learning the newest fielding method (think the Auburn hop), new tweaks in hitting stances or mechanics, and even new methods on the best baserunning methods (more on that in another article).

The softball community has an instructor for every skill out there. So, why are we so behind in teaching the benefits of performance training for softball players? My guess is a lack of knowledge.

I don’t mean a lack of knowledgeable trainers, I mean a lack of understanding the tremendous benefits players obtain when they step outside of their comfort zone and train to become a great athlete as well as an amazing softball player. I’ve been training softball players for a very long time, and I’ve never had a player regret starting a workout program that teaches them proper athletic mechanics that they can easily translate onto the softball field.

Here’s what A program should focus on for softball players;

-power development

-speed mechanics




-injury prevention

-agility and plyometric skills

A player’s softball career is demanding. She deserves the tools to develop her into a badass. Don’t neglect an instrumental piece of her puzzle.

The second part of this is the important role a team plays in a players workout.

I believe that teams should train together as a team. I see too little of that concept. I know of many organizations that have agreements with training facilities and their players go on their own. I still have a very strong belief that a team as a whole will grow and develop more as a team if they train together.

Here’s why; this format gives a team the opportunity to learn new skills, lifts, speed sets, etc at the same time. It’s incredibly important for players to be on the same page. It also builds comradery. There’s an energy that exists when a team works out together that is lacking otherwise. You can call it competition, support, but there’s a ton of team skills that can be learned in the weightroom that may be lacking on the field.

A good trainer helps develop the team into a cohesive unit. I ask every team I work with what they need to work on individually and as a team.

One of the major needs-COMMUNICATION. This skill is huge to a team.

I like to encourage and remind each time of their goals and needs regularly. It also gives players the chance to become leaders. Some of the unlikeliest players end up killing it in team workouts. It really allows players to shine with the help of their teammates.

I know the most challenging issue of team workouts is time. You have time for practice, make time for a team to workout together, even if its one day a week. It will be worth it. The value of this opportunity is priceless.

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