The Softball Player

We, as a family and company – spend a lot of time at the ballfield.

If we aren’t there watching our own kids play and coaching, we are working at a tournament.

You learn a lot of lessons and realize a lot of things when you go to a softball field and just listen to everything and everyone around you. Removed from the emotional aspect of competition, is when you are able to see things more clearly. The parents and coaches. The players. The umpires. The wins and losses, the cheers and hollers. The softball field on game day, really is a beautiful place to be.

It’s funny, really. Softball is For Girls has over 150 softbal designs. And yet on those Saturdays, when we are lucky enough to be at the ball park – it is the words below – on a shirt, that the vast majority of players – whether 9 or 15 choose.

Last weekend, one little girl found this shirt, with these words and carried it around as she browsed through our things. When she came up to buy her shirt, I asked her what it is she liked so much about that shirt. So much that she had me hold it so no one else would get it until she could find her dad. Was it the colors? The size? I mean, this particular shirt is just words, right? 

Her answer was clear enough.

Why did she like it?

She said, “This is what softball is all about to me. I love my softball team and my sisters more than anything in the world!”

So in her honor, and because of her excitement, we brought this shirt back up – because sometimes just words really do matter.

The Softball Player

A Softball Player doesn’t fight

because she hates 

the enemy in front of her….

She fights

because she LOVES

the people BESIDE her…



Want these for your team, in team colors? $150 for 12 Shirts plus shipping. Email us for details.

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