To The Centerfield Fence and Back | Softball is For Girls

She stood in the box, watching strike three
A tear in her eye, she looked straight at me.
From my seat in the stands, I felt my own heart sink.
All I could do was send her a reassuring wink….

Off with the helmet and on with the glove
She took her spot on the field, this game she does love.
Her uniform stained, dirt in her hair
She scooped up the ball and threw it high in the air.
Right over her teammates head it did fly
My heart sank again, this time with a sigh.
Her coach yelled her name, “GOOD THROWS,” he snapped.
And I prayed her confidence wouldn’t be tapped.

From the bleachers I watch, all excited and tense
My girl whom I love to the centerfield fence
She’s my hero, my all-star, my favorite player on the field.
My feelings for her cannot be concealed.

Through good plays and errors, strikeouts and hits
Through wins and losses, and even when she sits
Even on those days when it seems everything goes wrong
I remind her that on the field, is exactly where she belongs.

This game is like life with the highs and the lows
You play one inning at a time, that’s just how it goes.
Some days in softball, everything goes your way
And other days it seems all you can do is just pray.

But at the end of the day, when the games said and done
She will see I am beside her, in it for the long run.
For it’s my job to tell her that no matter what
I am proud and I love her no ifs, ands or butts.

That my admiration and pride for her is not about
Whether she hits a home- run or gets a strikeout
So I Remind her as often as it makes sense
That I love her as far as the centerfield fence!

Written By Stef Daniel Copyright 2017 Please share – but please give credit. 

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