5 Reasons Your Softball Bat NEEDS a Hat!

Do you see this woman? That was me, except I didn’t have such a peaceful look on my face while I was icing my chin, AND I was using some ice pack that had been in a cooler with a bunch of frog toggs that have been GOD only knows where on God only know whose body today…So yeah, I am not melancholy. And wanna know why I was holding an ice pack on my chin? Because my daughter and her softball friends are a$$holes…

She hit me in the face with her softball bat. Why? Well you know how kids act like lunatics in a cage when the you put your car in park and the locks don’t open immediately, and they start “Mom, Mom, Mom, let me out!” I was shifting into park and about to open the doors when she climbed over the seat with her bat bag and cracked me in the head with the end of her bat.

So reason number 1 why your softball bat needs a bat hat! To save yourself from the misery I suffered.

2. The second reason is because there is a certain sound…if you are a baseball or softball parent you know it, that bats make as they crack the windows of your car. Or the sound softball bats make when your kid tries to slam them in the back of your very windowed minivan. OR…on those days when they insist on buckling themselves into the car seat with their bat bag on their back, and they scooch around dinging and clinking all the windows. A bat hat will not only protect your face, but it will also protect the inside of your car.

softball beach towel

3. Look, my family lived on Spam and Ramen Noodles for two weeks because we swapped our grocery budget for a softball bat budget, and those things are not cheap. Concrete, metal fences, cleats – these girls throw these things around like they are invincible, which we all know they aren’t and a bat hat will protect your bat too!!!!!!

4. Okay, So far one little softball bat hat has saved your face and your teeth from needing dentures, and all the shatterable surfaces in your car from needing to be replaced. If that’s not enough to make you head over and see all the super cute softball and baseball bat hats – then this should be! They are only $25. Seriously. You have the potential to save thousands of dollars in damages and replacement and hospital bills, and you could get a bat hat for less than a tournament shirt.

5. Last but not least, because these bat hats are super cute. Functional, yes. But also cute. They have some very cute designs, and your daughter will be the trend setter on her team! Before you know it, she will have all the girls walking around with their weapons covered. (Because thats what bats are…they are weapons!) Let me also add that the peeps at Bat hat, didnt leave out or forget softball players. That’s huge! They could have just made the baseball and made us settle, but they didn’t. They made us a bat hat for a baseball hat. Check it out!


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