Essay By Lillie Power Age 12

Lillie Power – 12 years old
Indiana Klutch 11U Anderson

What it feels like to be on the field no matter practice or a game, I feel like I can let go of all of my stress at school and other places. When I do that I’m able to find my peace and calm down. When I’m on the field at practice I don’t have to stress about a run scoring on an overthrown ball and I can work on that error with no pressure. When I’m in a game I don’t think just about me and say what if “I” win this game and get another award. Instead of thinking about myself and how wonderful it is to get an award to myself, I think about how great it is to share that award and talk about it with my team.

I think of how much fun I’m having no matter if we win or lose I’m with the people I love the most. When I get on that field I think of memories I’ve made and can make. If anyone gets down on the field I think about how I can help them instead of getting mad at the other team. When I’m on the field I have fun and try my hardest not to get down because if I get down we all get down.

That’s what it feels like to be on the field to me I can let go of other things and focus on softball and people I love the most.


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