What Does Your Softball Players Food Plan Look Like?

I’ve been working with softball players for a very long time and throughout my time with them I’ve seen parents and players struggle with how to develop a correct eating plan. It’s a very tough subject to talk about but it needs addressing. Far too often, we are concerned with every aspect of training and leave out the most important aspects of health and wellness.

If you’re having a hard time deciphering real food truths versus myths you are not alone.

I’m currently working with a few players that are leaving for college and now they must learn how to eat correctly since they will be on their own for the first time and will have a ton of demands on them. I’ve had some similar experiences with players that exhibit signs of a poor diet

So here’s some situations and true stories I’ve had players and parents relate to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it  relates to your players;
-a player that wants to drop weight and is told by a doctor to stop eating fruit and carbs
-a player that is so exhausted she needs to take a nap every day
-another that has no energy to complete her workouts
-a player that doesn’t eat breakfast and doesn’t eat lunch until 2

Do any of these sound like your players? Let me say first off I’m not a nutritionist nor a doctor, but I have studied extensively on nutrition for athletes and have a good grasp on a healthy way of eating. So here’s some TIPS;

-Every player needs to be eating breakfast. That breakfast should include a very soluble form of protein like egg whites. And a carbohydrate that is a double chain carb. Which means it contain a good amount of fiber and dissolves into your blood stream at a slow place. Think oatmeal.
-players should not avoid carbohydrates. They need the energy and carbs are a tremendous source of energy, as well as good fats. Just be choosy about those carb choices.
-stay away from starches, foods high in sugar. Remember most white food like breads, rice, etc did not come in that color. They were processed to become that color. Try their natural brown version instead.
-Lastly be very aware of your players caloric intake and time their eating. The FDA food pyramid of 2,000 does not pertain to everyone.
And make sure your player is getting enough energy to fuel her metabolism or else it will slow down.  The thought process of starving to drop weight is extremely unhealthy. If you want your players to be successful in following a new nutrition plan then give them a plan they can easily live with. I like to think of it as setting players up for success.

If you have any further questions feel free to message me at softballstrong13@gmail.com


-Kris Massaro

Softball Strong LLC


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