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Fundraising. It’s hard. And it’s so necessary. Whether we are raising funds for our own player, or for a whole team – there is no doubt that it takes a lot of time, effort and patience.

At Softball is For Girls, we have been involved with fundraising for our own four daughters and for the multiple teams that they have been on for many years. Some have worked, and some have failed. And sometimes, its just been easier to write the check. Living in a small town, there are only so many people to ask to buy candles or sheet sets, or pies, or candy bars. What typically happens is that I end up with more of these products than I need. 

We have recently made some huge changes to our business structure, and one of our considerations was how we could help teams and players succeed, whether they have the money to play or not. Our hope is to be able to provide some scholarships to players in the future, make donations to teams and players, and be involved with making sure that every girl gets the chance to play ball. We are ‘getting’ there!

The best part about our new fundraiser, is you will actually be providing something to your team that is of VALUE. Something the players and parents and fans will actually use and want! 

We have recently just completed our first trial run with a school local to us, and we are extremely happy with the results. 

So here it is. Team T-Shirts.

We are offering several options to teams, and are able to customize in most cases – and we are offering very transparent pricing schedules so you can clearly see what your profits will be.

Our first option are the Shadow Letter shirts as seen above. You have the freedom of choosing ink and shirt colors to match your team spirit wear. Ink colors must remain consistent, however shirt colors can vary. We can offer sizes from 2t through 5x, tank tops (there are some color limitations), t shirts, long sleeves and hoodies or sweatshirts.

You can choose to just have the shadow letter on the front of the shirt with nothing on the back – or choose to have a team slogan – (text) on the back as well.

You can also do “Cause shirts” for your team or local organization to raise extra funds – examples include Breast cancer, Type 1, 5K races or anything community based that you may want to raise money for.

We can also offer team shirts with a small left front chest logo, and your slogan on the back, or we can offer shirts with one of our designs on the back. We did these last year for another local team.

We are of course open to other design features, but would handle those on a team by team basis.

So to the important part. Pricing! Time frame. Options. The fine print. Minimums.What will we provide? How does this work?  And how much can YOU make? 

  1. Front only Print – T shirts will be $6.50 per shirt. $8.50 for long sleeves.(Plus sizes are $2.50 extra)
  2. Front and Back Print – T shirts will be $7.50 per shirt and $8.50 long sleeves. (Plus sizes are $2.50 extra)
  3. TEAM DUGOUT TOWELS – In your color choices with same logos as shirts – $4.00
  4. If you are using one of our designs for the shirts – the pricing is the same as above.
  5. WE WILL NOT DO NUMBERS as this would jack up the cost of the shirts, and we are keeping this simple with fast turnaround.
  6. Shipping would cost a flat rate $26.95 and we do not charge any set up fees. Zero set up fees. 
  7. No sales tax.
  8. Turnaround time – Orders will be shipped within 3 – 4 business days of placing your order.
  9. Payments are made through our online secure payment gateway.
  10. We will provide you with a mock up of your design and order forms for you to pass out to your team parents via email, you collect the funds and order when you are ready.

How much can you make? $$$$$$$$

This is the part that we like the best. You can charge whatever you want for the t shirts. You can charge $10, $20 or whatever you need to reach your fundraising your goals. What YOU charge is none of our business. Make it work for you. But the reality is that you are providing something to your TEAM and fans and family members that they will actually use and need and wear. So it won’t be candles sitting in a closet, or something that is difficult to sell.

Minimums – 

There is a 15 shirt minimum to order. But there are no limits to how many you can order.

We are currently only able to do 4 team orders per week. If interested, please email us at to be placed on the schedule and for further details. 

As always we appreciate you supporting Softball is For Girls, enabling us to continue supporting this sport.




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