Hurricane Harvey Softball Help

First, we want to reach and out to all the people that have reached out to us, and to Gary Guitterez with Galveston Little League, for the massive (and we mean massive)  outpouring of support for our softball families affected by Hurricane Harvey! The response has been unbelievable. We are currently receiving hundreds if not thousands of emails per day. (If you have emailed us in the past week or so, please be patient as we are working our way through the inbox!) 

And please know, that even if you cannot donate or send any items sharing the information does amazing things! 

The reason we have done this, is as a family with four kids who all play sports – we understand that when you lose everything….and we mean everything, the last priority would be items such as softball gloves and bats and socks and pants and bows and balls etc…

When you are trying to replace your life, these items often fall to the wayside. We cannot imagine what these families are going through. But we want to get the girls back on the field as soon as possible, and hope that their lives can return to normal quickly! 

We had several folks from Texas, reach out to us and offer us their garages, places of business, warehouses, and other structures to be a physical address to send donated items too. We spoke with Gary Gutierrez with Galveston Lassie League, and their location was still receiving mail and had the means to house donations. 

And to clarify. You can send any and all items softball related to the address below. They will accept new or used equipment and once all items are delivered and sorted, they will be reaching out to massive Texas softball community to help with distribution so these items go where they are needed. This is a MASSIVE undertaking, and we genuinely appreciate everyone on the ground in Texas who have been more than willing to help! 

  • So first of all, here is the address to send items to is: If you are sending baseball, or items other than softball please note it on the packaging to help the people that will be sorting items. 

2812 North Sonny Lane
Galveston, Tx 77554

  • Secondly, please check out our Facebook Page (Softball is For Girls) and make sure you are following it and that you have chosen for it to show up in our news feed so that we can send updates as far as needs, distribution etc. We will work closely with those in Texas to try and pass along important information. We will also post on Instagram! 
  • Third – if you are a team that is interested in adopting a team in Texas, please check out this thread on Facebook. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ADOPT A TEAM THREAD    You Can scroll that thread and find teams in Texas that need items, or just need support and you can reply to their comment to adopt the team. Please do this through instant messenger. This is a great way to show sisterhood across the United States Softball Community and is a great community service project for your team! 
  • We have created a new design and we will donate the proceeds from the sale of this item from September 1st through September 8th, to the cause in Hurricane Harvey’s path. This is a great design, that definitely epitomizes the worth, and life lessons taught by the softball community, that are absolutely evident in this community right now! If you want to send any of these shirts directly to Texas, simply add the address above as your shipping address at checkout.  Each person that sends one to Texas will receive a $10 coupon for our store! 

Again, please check our Facebook Page often for updates. If your a parent, or coach who has girls in need – please do not hesitate to ask for help! And we will posting updates from the crew in Texas to help you get your hands on items that your team needs. So stay tuned. And once again, know that we are grateful for this softball community! 





  1. Christina Williams on September 6, 2017 at 10:11 am

    I am a parent of a daughter who plays 12u competitive softball in Lakewood, CO. We are interested in sending softball stuff to yall. What are some of the ways you are reaciving donations.. is it mailed, UPS etc…trying to figure the best way to send. Please let us know. Our families want to help.

  2. Lauren Martin on November 4, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    We signed up on the thread to help but haven’t had any feedback. Are there any teams that are still in need of sponsorship due to the hurricane??

  3. Lauren Martin on November 4, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Corrected email

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