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A large part of us being a small, family run business means we like to reach out, help and work with others like us. We all have to start somewhere, right?

As you may know, we do not typically allow advertising on our media outlets — simply put because we have spent an enormous amount of time and money (and we mean ENORMOUS)  to build this community…and despite our efforts selling items, we pretty much break even at the end of the year. And we really just don’t believe in people randomly ‘mooching’ off the efforts of others, without permission, or even asking us first after all the hard work we have put in.

Even so, girls sports (we have 4 daughters) and softball in particular are dear to our hearts and something we are extremely passionate about!!

And as the holidays approach, we would like to reach out to softball parents and small business owners who make/create/sell softball and girl empowerment related items, that you think our FANS WOULD LOVE.

If you would like to advertise your items with us for the holidays, we are offering the chance to do so for only $35. And we promise that THIS is a steal in the world of advertising!

Your items will be featured in social media as well as on our websites and we will share your contact information as well. We will also be doing Fridays Favorite Things articles, and your stuff will be included in those.

Currently we are reaching and interacting with more than 850,000k Fastpitch fans per week, so you are bound to get great exposure. That’s almost a million people who share the same passion….

We are only goint to accept 25-30 crafty folks and small business, so if you interested please email us ASAP at to reserve your spot. If you know someone who may benefit from this – please pass along the information.

Also, don’t forget we are doing another PRIVATE SNEAKY SALE on this NEW SHIRT! It’s just $13.50, for a few more days.




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