Tuesdays Top 10 – 12 Tips for Softball PLAYERS

So you are a softball player? Congratulations!

This means you are a lucky girl, and it means that the people in your family have set aside lots of their own time, and hard-earned money, to ensure that you get to pursue something you LOVE! 12 Tips for softball players….

And they do, happily…willingly… this because they love you.

Today, we speak to the GIRLS!!! 

We see so many of you from week to week, month to month, year to year – and we often notice your entitlement. The eye rolling at your parents that happens across the fence. We hear how often you say things such as “I want,” and “I need.” And we understand, because we were young once too!

Even so, someone needs to TELL you, someone needs to be honest with you, and someone needs to most importantly REMIND you of a few basic things.

  1. Softball is a PRIVILEGE. Not a right. No one HAS to provide the opportunity for you to play. THANK YOUR FAMILY! By all means BE GRATEFUL! And respectful towards all of the adults in your life (coaches, parents, relatives, field personnel, umpires, tournament directors, the park employees that clean the park and the restroom after you leave) In fact, SAY THANK you. Out loud. All of this is done for YOU, because you are loved. But no one HAS to do it. 
  2. Treat the park like your home. Don’t flush feminine products and don’t leave them sitting open at the top of the trash can, if you make a mess in a stall clean it up, FLUSH the dang toilets EVERY TIME, pick up YOUR TRASH and go the extra mile to pick up trash that may not be yours that you see lying around. Pick up the dugouts after you leave. Your manners don’t end because you are at the ballfield, and we know that you have been taught BETTER. There is no excuse for not doing these things. It’s called respect. If you respect the game as much as you say, you will respect the parks at which you play.
  3. Take GOOD care of your own stuff. I don’t care if you are 10 or 16 – your gear costs a ton of  money and it is YOUR responsibility. Don’t let it be borrowed and not returned, don’t leave it behind, remember your OWN cleats on game day, treat your bat with respect, don’t leave your glove out in the rain. Don’t drag your batbags across the ground, or hit silly poles with your bat.  Do not expect other people to take care of it for you. Your family works hard to make sure you have what you need, and softball stuff is expensive! Trust us, your family has more important things to do with their money than replace a $65 glove because you left it somewhere.

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4. When you put on a jersey, remember that you represent more than yourself, and act accordingly no matter where you are or where you go! Wearing a jersey is a privilege.

5. Let your family members pick the place to eat every once in a while. Seriously, they get sick of ChicFila. (No Offense to Chic-Fi-La) Okay, I admit… this may just be in here for personal reasons….

6.Always be POSITIVE in your TEAM ENVIRONMENT. It’s easy to get sucked into negativity. “The coach is a jerk,” or “Sally is a bossy kiss-butt.”

Even so – we CHALLENGE you to try this! Every time you HEAR a negative comment or see a NEGATIVE behavior from a team-mate or anyone for that matter, add something POSITIVE to the conversation! In other words, we are asking you to BE THE LIGHT! You can be frustrated, and angry, and upset, and not like someone all you want – but adding to negativity only hurts YOU. That’s the whole meaning behind this awesome shirt design! 


7. Don’t air your frustrations, or team issues on social media. EVER! In fact, if you choose to post anything team related on social media (or are wearing your jersey) keep it positive. Especially if you want to get recruited.

8.Learn how to communicate on your own with your coachesAvoid running to mama and daddy every time something doesn’t go your way, and learn how to truly communicate with your coaches on your own. Nothing wrong with asking your parents the best way to approach a situation, but TRY to handle it yourself before asking your parents to handle it for you. This is a life skill, and you will be surprised how much respect you can gain from others when you learn to stand up for yourself.

9.Take PERSONAL responsibility for your actions and performance on the field. It’s easy to blame others (coaches, umps, teammates etc.) but the only way you can make changes is when you take RESPONSIBILITY for what you do well.

10.Practice as hard as you play! Warm up as hard as you play. Practice on your own time too. By being the BEST YOU, and working hard – you will see personal results, and will benefit your team. You owe it to yourself and your family and your coaches, to always work hard.

11.ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO BETTER YOUR TEAM! No matter if you are on the bench, in the line-up, a flex player, injured etc. Every day, ask yourself what YOU are doing to better your team!

12. Stay humble.

What would YOU add to this list?



  1. Melody A Martin on September 13, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Can you post this in a PDF or other clean downloadable form so that I can print and share with my daughter and her team?

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