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We get a lot of fan questions. Every day. A lot. Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and the inbox shows over 500 messages with everything form questions about softball, to help with a softball problem, to an invitation into team drama, and everything in between.

Spend the MONEY on YOU! Moms deserve things too.. 🙂

But there is one question that stands out, that is asked at least once per day both online and through messaging on our online presence and other companies online presence. A question so daunting, that searching for the answer will only leave you even more confused – and gets you up close and personal with words like PBF technology, paraflex and MOI.

So what is this illusive popular question you ask?

My daughter needs a new bat (insert age/size and what she is swinging) What do you think is the best bat for her? “

Yes, that!

There are thousands of bats reviews online. You can ask every player you see what they are swinging and what they like. You can ask the softball moms and dads from coast to coast what bat is the best. And everyone will give you a multitude of answers. From Rocket Tech, to Demarini, to Easton and Louisville Slugger and everything in between.

The perfect bat, the best bat for your daughter – is the ONE THAT SHE CAN HIT WITH!

But wait….our answer DOES NOT END THERE.

We tend to think and believe that a $300 bat is something your kiddo should EARN through hard work, and self motivation, and we think that you can go to Walmart and buy a $50 aluminum bat and let her hit with that rather than use a piece of ‘technology’ to make her think she is better than she is. 

We also think that it’s ridiculous to invest this kind of money in a bat that WILL NOT LIKELY LAST A YEAR on an 8 year old who just has a ‘fancy’ for the sport right now…. Seriously, this adult peer pressure to have high dollar matching bat bags and the newest, latest and greatest equipment on the market for little kids is absolutely insane.

But we know that you are not going to see it that way.

We know that you are not going to let your little one show up with a Walmart bat that pings. (Lord, I miss that sound).

We know you are going to buy a bat and pay your electric bill late to do so because God forbid she doesn’t hit balls to the fence as an 8 year old… We also know that bat companies are BANKING on you to feel this pressure and that’s why they charge such an exorbitant amount of moolah for a bat that they deep down only make to last a year and a day (so the warranty runs out)

First of all, the VERY BEST you can do BEFORE YOU BUY THE BEST SOFTBALL BAT, is make sure that her mechanics and her swing are correct, and that she gets in PLENTY OF PRACTICE. And by practice we mean a few hundred balls per week.

Whats even more valuable than an expensive bat?

A hitting net and a tee in the backyard, where she can practice her swing and take cuts. Or someone throwing soft-toss to her. Or time in the cages.

YES, without a doubt – there is no question – it is absolutely the 100% truth – that a composite bat will help your daughter hit the ball further and harder. They are built for, crafted for, technologically enhanced to do just that.

But a $300 bat will not fix a $2 swing.

Hot mess, blessed, softball obsessed!

This shirt will only set you back $20, and you can get 2 for $30!

Listen….There are no quick fixes or short cuts to being a successful athlete. None. Zero. Nada. There are ‘tools’ to make it easier, but there still is work to be done.

You might be able to fake it for a while in the younger age groups, but as your daughter gets older – it begins to show who is actually working, and who is not.

But you want answers, right? What’s the best bat out there? What bat is going to give you all the satisfaction you long for watching your daughter play?

The truth is…. all of them are good. (Great help, right?)

Keep in mind that Wilson-Demarinin bought out Louisville Slugger in 2015, so the Xeno and the CF’s models while competing, are not really competing. They are both great bats with a lot of pop. We hear and see equal amounts of those bats breaking, or getting a rattle throughout the years.

They do feel different, and depending on whether they are balanced or end loaded and your daughter’s natural swing, she will swing both differently. But both of those choices are great – we have tried them all, and used them all. The Eastons come in as a close third when it comes to composite. If you can get your hands on the old Easton purple and white bat from years ago – you have got yourself a great bat – but they are HARD to find and very expensive. Miken bats are just okay, but are better for men’s league and slow pitch than for softball. And the Rocket Techs have a feel all of their own, and last FOREVER, and a great many power hitters swear by them.

You could buy 20 of these shirts for the same price as one bat…Think about that!

The best thing to do is go to a place that lets you try out different bats. Here in the Atlanta area, we have Better Baseball, and they have cages with demo bats that your girl can swing – and you can get her bat exit speed as well so you see how each kind of bat affects her swing. But keep in mind (and I am positive that this will be denied the bats used for demo are likely very broken in and your bat out of the packaging will not be as hot) 

Another thing to keep in mind, is that there are ALWAYS duds. Just like cars, there are bat lemons, which makes the one year warranty very important so make sure you are buying your bat from a reputable place.

And also like cars – you will always find people who stand behind their brand. The dudes wearing the Chevy hats or who have the sticker on their truck with a little boy peeing on Ford, will think a Chevy is the best NO MATTER WHAT… So, much of this decision is a matter of personal opinion and feel.

Safety first sports has good deals on bats and they stand behind the warranty. You can reach them at

Many online retailers will not get through the bat claim process with the big companies should something happen before the warranty is up, so its worth a few extra dollars to look for a quality company.

And there you have it. A little bit of food for thought, as well as some honest opinions on bats and not because we are paid to do so, but because we have lived and learned….

Softball shirts are cheaper than bats, and they last longer, and they KEEP SIFG in business…. 


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