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Are your catcher’s struggling with their pop time? I believe as with any “job” that asks multiple different skills from you, if your struggling with one of those necessary skills it can be an individual’s weakness and downfall. 

What happens if that weakness is a catcher’s pop time? 

There’s so many variables that can affect a catcher’s pop time; an inability to have a powerful transfer from receiving the pitch to a throw, a weak throw, inaccuracy, inability to set up properly. There’s multiple reasons why but they all equal the same result; a weak pop time, and a lack of confidence in a catcher.

An elite pop time is 1.8.

I’ve worked with many catchers that are badasses behind the plate but lack that same confidence in their ability to throw someone out. So, these catchers end up struggling with a poor pop time and that can affect more than just the outcome of the game. It plays a big part in the mental portion of a player’s confidence in their overall playing capability.

There’s a slight discussion we don’t have with players and it how their lack of confidence affects their playing. That confidence is tremendous to any player’s mental state and plating ability. A catcher that doesn’t have faith in her ability to for throw downs? That fear can kill a catcher’s career. What can be done to save your catchers career?

 Here’s some of the biggest fixes that I’ve seen instantly make a difference for catchers;

-Increase catchers throwing speed

-Increase Throwing velocity

– Retune Proper throwing and transfer mechanics

-Work on a catcher’s speed between transfer and throwing

-Develop arm strength

-Reduce the possibility of injury

If a catcher’s lack of throw down capability and high pop time is her biggest hurdle in becoming a major threat behind the plate, then give her the tools she needs to accomplish her goals. No player wants to play a position they feel uncomfortable or weak in.

Here’s a great plan to achieve a total Arm Care plan; Create a pre-throwing band warm up with Arm Pro bands. This format allows catchers the ability to strengthen the necessary muscle groups surrounding the throwing movement but it also prepares a catcher’s arm for the high volume of throwing they do throughout the game.

Your second step is to work on a player throwing mechanics and ensure her mechanics are on point. One of the largest contributors to arm injury and weak throws is improper throwing mechanics.

Lastly, create an arm care program used to strengthen your players throwing speed during the week and at practice. A great arm care plan should develop a player’s strength, mobility, throwing speed and enhance proper mechanics. You can find multiple throwing exercises and plans on the Arm Pro bands website. For more information on Arm Care and to order your bands go to

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