What the Heck Is Going on in Her Head!?!?! | Softball is For Girls

teenage girl softball player emotions

So why all this oversharing you ask? You don’t know what these girls are going through. You don’t ever really know what happened today at school, or in the dugout out of earshot. If you are wondering what is going on with one of your players because they seem distant, or off – try hard not to make a spectacle or example of her, especially if this is not her norm. Learn how to read the room when it comes to these girls. They have bad days, that as adults we would say they are just being silly. We can tell them all the right things, but I promise you – they still get hurt and question their worth on the daily. Extra in today’s world of fake.

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We Failed. Miserably. Read on! | Softball is For Girls

kindness is magic

No laughing. I thought how this could change lives. I thought about how words of kindness could literally change the course of someone’s life, especially because we NEVER EVER EVER know what these kids are going through on the day to day. I thought about the kindness of strangers I’ve encountered in my life as a confused teenager who made an impact.

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Saying I Love You, Softball Style…| Softball is For Girls

concentrated female softball pitcher throwing ball

Sometimes, love doesn’t look like a Hallmark Card. In fact, most times it doesn’t. It doesn’t come wrapped up in a package with hearts, and it isn’t spoken out loud with the common words we are all accustomed to hearing. Sometimes, saying I love you, especially softball style – is more about what we do…

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An Open Letter from the Benchwarmer | Softball is for Girls

girl playing softball

So here is what I want to say. At some levels of this game – sure, the benchwarmer has a big responsibility. But if you and your team are just playing local tournaments, and a fun World Series – albeit competitive, please stop adding benchwarmers to your team. Warm bodies, just in case. And please stop telling the benchwarmers that they just have to work a little bit harder, and then when they do – going out and finding someone else, or a pick up player to do what us benchwarmers thought we were going to get a chance at doing.

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To the Girls Without a Softball Dad…

You, sis – are not alone in your sad thoughts and longing for a dad of your own to toss the ball with. But remember to count your blessings and appreciate the love of the softball dads who graciously step in, without being asked, to show you the love, dedication and involvement you DESERVE. May you never settle for LESS.

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Cry me a River, Build a Bridge – Get Over it!

You ever have one of those days, where you almost wished you saved your gas and money and gate fee and just stayed home doing laundry instead of going to watch your daughters team play? Yea. Well. That was me last night, watching my daughters high school team play. We got DRILLED. And when I…

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An Open Letter From the Coaches Wife….

I am the coaches wife, and have been for many years. We have seen so many players come and go,and cross through out paths – and each one of them, from those way back in 6U have had something to teach me and my husband. I have also seen and met all sorts of parents.…

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Mistakes Even GOOD Coaches make | Softball is For Girls

Coaching is hard. There are a zillion things that go on after practice, and on the hours and days when the team is not meeting at the field or playing a game or in a tourney. Seriously. Until you have done it, been responsible for orchestrating the menagerie of managing 11 different family schedules, personalities…

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Traits of a Great Softball Coach | Softball is For Girls

The fastpitch softball community has been blessed with an immense amount of empowering, passionate softball coaches that give a large amount of their time to help the hundreds of thousands of girls out there who play ball, take their game to the next level. Sure, there are a few ‘rotten apples’ out there but largely…

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Season Opener Parent Meeting | Fastpitch Softball

It’s that time of year again. Even before the first ripe sprigs of grass pop out, softball season is upon us. (Hallelujah) The chilly days and mounds of snow for some of you will give way shortly to perhaps, the most beautiful sports season known to wo-man! 🙂  With the onset of softball season, comes…

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Tips for Coaching YOUNG Softball TEAMS

It won’t be long, and the cool chilly mornings will give way to lovely, breezy afternoons. As Rec departments and travel leagues across the country look forward to the upcoming thaw, there are tons of NEW coaches, and NEW players looking to tackle the brick-dust for the first time. Most often, a coach is born…

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