Fastpitch FRIDAY – SIFG Favorite THINGS!

Gosh! Have you ever just looked online at all the amazing things there are for fastpitch players, coaches and fans? Well, we have – and it’s funny how badly you can start to covet something fastpitch softball related. Or you see something at the field that someone else has, and you’re trying to take secret pictures of it while they aren’t looking so they don’t think you are a freak, and then start searching everywhere for it???

So today, (And every Friday) we have decided to start sharing our favorite finds. Not because you need anything to spend more money on of course, but because the holidays are coming – and because there are some super cool products to make our lives easier and more fun. (Aside from our amazing t-shirts of course)   DISCLOSURE – the following are not PAID advertisements.

Of course first and foremost, we have to introduce our cool new shirt designs, which have all been offered at an introductory price! The DAD shirt, is the newest and LAST in the line and we hope you find the humor in them as we do! 🙂 DAD SHIRT ON SALE FOR JUST $14.95 Through SUNDAY 9/18







  1. Spotlight Jewels jewelry. We ar enot big believers in spending a ton of money on jewelry for kids. But we know how much these girls love their bling. Spotlight jewels has some of the cutest personalized softball jewelry around. We stuffed stockings with it one year, and my kids still have their jewelry. Lots of options, and really good prices! Check them out for yourself. They currently have a 10% off sale with code FLYER at checkout. Glass-Yellow-Softball-NameNum-2
  2. BAT BOBS! I know, you have never heard of these. And now that our youngest daughter is coming through the softball world, we realize we have forgotten about  how difficult it is to keep the dugout organized, and to make sure the kids know where everything is. Bat bob makes some of the CUTEST (and personalized for players and teams) helmet and bat organizers around. And the best part, is after the season the kids can take them with them. I really like that they do personalized jerseys. My daughter has one, and for the record – the jersey also fit her KEN doll very well! DSC00701-1_large TSB-207_sportwaves_real_large
  3. The Under the weather tent. Seriously folks…the BEST thing for cooler days and games. The only way to improve it would be to make it sound proof. BEST THING EVER!


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