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During fastpitch softball season, the weeks go by slow – and then suddenly its Friday! And Friday means GAME DAY is near. Friday means you have checked the weather and know whether you’ll get all the games in and whether you’ll need to dress to stay warm, or dress to stay cool (or both). Friday means you have a cooler to pack, snacks to gather, and probably a lingering pair of uniform pants to wash or a jersey to find.

Friday means you’re just one day away from the ballpark! Today, we share our Friday Fastpitch Blessing for You and Your Softball Family! 

May you wake up before the sun and see the sunrise on your drive to the field. 

May your breakfast be warm and the drive through line be short!

May you find the perfect spot to set up your team village!

May your start time be late with a double-header to start the day!

May your cooler stay cold, your wagon stay sturdy, your chair stay comfortable, and your tent stay standing.

May the concession stand serve sweet tea, walking tacos and icees

May your team stay in the winners bracket. 

May your bats stay hot and your defense stay strong

May the WE always be greater than the ME

May your umpires be keen and fair.

May tempers and frustrations stay at bay. 

May your opponents be strong and able and TOUGH! 

May your game breaks be restful, but not too long. 

May your words and actions always do no harm

May the pop up storms stay just north or south.

May you not be the team that has to switch fields.

May your bathrooms have paper and toilets that flush! 

May the sun shine ON, but not IN your teams face.

May the wind only gust to push your balls out! 

May your coach be fair and blessed with good judgment.

May socks, hair ties, shoelaces and flip-flops stay steadfast the whole day through. 

May your daughter leave much dirtier than she came.

May you always remember who is watching you and be an example to emulate. 

May your phone stay charged and your storage stay ample  

May you be one of the last teams still standing at the ballpark, and if not lend your well wishes to those that are.

May smiles be plenty, laughter abundant and spirits cheerful. 

May you notice the blessings of family and friends all around you. 

May you always remember this is just a game, played by children. 

May your team learn from their losses, and rise to their challenges.

May you be able to see the good no matter what the scoreboard says.

May you leave the day behind you – exhausted, but with the excited anticipation of your return.


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