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You can usually spot the softball coach by the trailer and over sized utility wagon, filled with bats and balls and bownets and portable propane heaters and the Yeti and everything else under the sun they will need for a day at the ballpark.

Today, after years of coaching and being at the ballfield we have put together a list of 10 things every softball coach needs. (Aside from the obvious, of course)

  1. Zip ties. And yes we are SERIOUS. Zip ties come in handy for a wide variety of things. They can fix a glove in pinch, fix a shoelace, fix a helmet, fix a broke bow-net and even be used to hold up a pair of pants that malfunction at an untimely moment.
  2. Duct Tape. Because duct tape is just necessary for all things in life, and there is certainly a use for it at the ballfield as well! (At the very least you can tape someone’s mouth shut if need be!)
  3. A notebook with updated roster and birth certificates for every player in your dugout. Seriously! You may get by without having these on hand for a long time, but during that extreme championship game after a super long day when you are ahead by one, THIS is when the other coach will suddenly question the age of one of your players and you don’t want to be caught without it. We have seen this happen for real, and it is UGLY.
  4. A first aid kid of course, but include tampons for nose-bleeds or bleeding of any kind.
  5. Precision Impact Balls. These are truly extremely valuable when it comes to warming up at tournaments where space is limited. We love these, and we appreciate that Precision Impact gives Softball is For Girls fans 10% off with code 4girls. 
  6. A few towels. Towels are a great go-to when you need to shove something in your mouth to keep you from blurting out something stupid when your team falls apart. They are also great for drying off balls, and tears!
  7. Screwdrivers. Every good ball bucket has screwdrivers. There are various times you will need them, from the repairing of a helmet, to a pair of pants that won’t button because there is too much dirt in the button, to pitching rubbers needing to be moved, and bags needing to be reset after coming displaced during a game. They can be used to fix bat bags, and fences, and gates and should be a mainstay in the bucket.
  8. A giant bag of candy! Look, when you are in the dugout with the girls, adding a little sweetness doesn’t hurt. Our coach keeps a bag of all sorts of candy in the dugout and you’d be surprised how well it does for breaking the ice among players, starting conversations, soothing emotions and making the girls happy!
  9. A $10 bill. Sometimes the best way to bring a girl out of a slump, or get a timely hit – is to put some money on the table and make it fun. You might be surprised how excited the girls get when they see a $10 bill zip tied or duct taped to the dugout gate for the first girl to get a base hit!
  10. Grace. Patience & Prayers! You may not hear it enough, but you’re doing a great job – and THIS SPORT is appreciative to have the men and women who step up to coach! XO 

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