Is Travel Ball Better than Rec Ball?

OMG.  It gets so tiring to listen to people complaining about recreation league ball teams.  The truth is that most girls start out in Rec.  Years ago, the only girls and parents who took the plunge to travel teams were the ones that truly knew their daughter had a shot.  Today, EVERYONE IS ON A TRAVEL TEAM….and it doesnt mean they are uber fantastic players.

Rec leagues are great.  Especially for all the girls that need and want to learn the fundamentals of fastpitch softball without sinking a grand into the endeavor.  Rec teams give average girls confidence, and help them decide if they really love the game.  Rec teams arent as time consuming, the play is designed to be fun and fair – and given decent coaches, can be a great experience for girls learning to love softball.

Travel, also has its place.  But let me say this, we have been meandering to many TRAVEL BALL tournaments only to find that many of the teams there arent that great.  They are just a bunch of girls and parents who want their kids to play together posing as a travel team.  Bottom line, many of these girls could have used some more fundamental teaching at the Rec level – and likley half will quit by the time they hit high school.

The verdict?  Both travel ball and rec ball are great platforms for fastpitch.  It gets old hearing coaches and parents say that their child has to play travel ball in order to be considered a good ball player.  Thats not true.  If you want to step up the game, and truly feel your daughter (not you) has the skills and the desire – then try out for travel teams.  If not, sweat it out in rec a little bit longer.

The goal of Softball is for Girls is to keep girls playing.  At all levels.  And there are quite a few Rec girls out there who could kick some travel girls ass.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Make sure your reasons to converting to travel ball are warranted, and make sure that your child wants to put in the work as well.  Softball is supposed to be fun!  Its supposed to teach your child something about themselves, about team work and about life.

Chime in!  Is travel ball REALLY better than Rec Ball?  Why or Why Not?


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