Should Girls Stay in One Fastpitch Position?

Oh wow.  Here is one of those questions that standardly comes up when a parent is pissed off.  Why?  Because their daughter, whom they feel is the optimal 3rd baseman has been playing centerfield for the past 2 months.  Let’s not forget one thing.  She has made some pretty awesome catches out there, saving the game a time or two.  Has been critical in turning double plays, is always there to back up the throw down on the steal and is pretty much unreplaceable in her position.  But its the outfield.  So her parents think and maybe she does to, that she deserve to play infield.

When it comes to fastpitch, it is normally better for a team to get really comfortable in certain positions.  Some chicks have what it takes to place 1st, but crumble under pressure when it comes to 3rd.  At the same time, coaches should try to utilize ALL of their girls and give ALL of their girls a chance to prove their mad skills all over the field.

Parents need to get over the fact that only the best players play infield.  This is just not true.  The older your daughter gets in fact, the more you will see that the best arms, the fastest runners, the best catchers are happily habitating outfield grass.

Coaches should allow their girls to gain experience in fastpitch softball by allowing them to play all sorts of positions.  Should you lose a game because you played upside apple turnover.  No.  And this is exactly what practice is for.

Lets get one thing straight.  Whether you play infield or outfield, pitch or catch – your performance is C.R.I.T.C.A.L. to the success of the team.  (Notice we said, TEAM)

So sure, the more utilitarian your girls are the better the team.  If a girl seems bored in a position or isnt living to their potential, shake them up a bit. But lets not get all hysterical over the fact that we think one kid is a short stop and she is playing right field.  She is a softball player.  A fastpitch softball player at that.  The more she knows and learns the better she will be.

Whats your take?


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