Softball Drama – Not with THIS Mama

Listen girls.  And coaches.  And parents.  There is already way too much drama in a girls life.  The one place that she should feel safe from all the melodrama is on the softball field.

In the years coaching fastpitch softball, there hasnt been a single season.  Not one single season – that hasnt involved some parental drama that filtered its way onto the field.  The saying goes, that all sh*t runs downhill, and when you are talking about a group of girls – it doesnt just roll downhill, it floods with the force of Niagara Falls.  And it ends up on those spaces in the brickdust that seperate the players.

The bottom line is that no one is going to like, or love everyone on their team.  And you dont have to.  What you have to do is make it a firm rule that when your team gets together in the dug-out, they are SISTERS!  Cohesiveness is critical to the success of the team, and softball is after all the very best team sport ever invented.

You are never going to keep everyone on the sidelines happy.  Parents need to learn to make a rule out of not negating the coaches or other players in front of their daughters.  Coaches need to keep their feelings for the insanely witchy mom constantly yelling at the umpires to himself.  And when personal problems arise between teammates, it has to be understood that the drama ends at the dugout door!  End of story.  If it doesnt, lots of sprints around the outfield might just help.

This is life.  Softball is alot like life.  You go out and play your best and you rally your team together.  The truth is when it comes to a game, you need every single person on the field.

How do you handle the twitty girlish melodrama?


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