5 Things to Do More of in 2019

Cheers to 2019! There is nothing quite as exciting as a New Year to get us all motivated to do more of what we love, and improve ourselves tenfold. 

Here at Softball is For Girls, we believe the keys to happiness lie somewhere between the foul lines. So we have made a fairly simple, sharable and fun list to make sure YOU get the most out of 2019, by encouraging you to do more of the things you love. 

  1. First and foremost, play SOFTBALL more!  Yes, more! Even if you are at a family reunion and someone brings a plastic bat and whiffle ball, be sure to play ‘softball’ more! 
  2. Go to softball games more often. If you can squeeze them in, go to the fields more often and then revert to number 1. 
  3. Play softball ALL of the time. Even in your house, or at your dinner table, or in the car while you are riding to Grammas house. You’d be surprised how well a rolled up sock can act as a substitute for a softball without doing any damage. There is no reason NOT to play softball ALL the time! 
  4. NEVER stop playing softball. All this aging out business is for the birds. If you are well enough to walk and hold a softball bat, then we encourage you to never stop playing softball. For all those parents who think they are too fat, or who say they can’t play because they are wearing flip-flops – we say THAT’S JUST AN EXCUSE! And kids, this means that you may have to let your mom and dad show you how it’s done because we believe that you are never too old (or too young) to play softball! 
  5. Today we share what we think are the Best Softball Uniforms for 2019! We LOVE Two FIve Apparel and are pretty sure that you will as well. . Because practicing is fun. And practicing with family and friends is really fun. And because practice makes perfect. And because the more you practice the more you get to play, which is the entire point of this blog post. 
  6. Buy more Softball Shirts from Softball is For Girls! Because they are super cute! And because it means you will always have something to wear while making your life better in 2019! 

Bottom line. Softball makes you happy. So do more of it in 2019….



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