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It has always been said that girls need to feel good to play good, while boys need to play good to feel good.  And we think the best softball uniforms available today are from Two Five Apparel! 

And when it comes to feeling good, softball uniforms definitely play a part. Girls love to wear their team colors with class and love showing up to play ball looking better than any other team at the park. 

We have been coaching and playing fastpitch for over a decade, and nearly each and every time we see a uniform get-up that we love, it has one thing in common. It is made by Two-Five- Apparel. Sure, the other guys are okay, and your local uniform company may be able to provide you with a decent enough looking uniform. 

Our first uniforms made by Two-Five turned out to be head turners and each and every tournament we had people stop us to ask where we got the uniforms made. 

However for uniforms that really stand out, WITHOUT breaking the bank, either sublimated or stitched, there truly is no better than company than Two-Five Apparel. And NOW is the time to start thinking about your uniforms for the upcoming season. 

In our experience with Two-Five, they have always been able to produce exactly what we wanted in terms of colors and style. They offer a tremendous amount of choices that are the perfect fit for girls of nearly any age. And if you have a color pallet in mind, they have experts that can create something truly unique and stunning that your players are certain to love. 

Two Five Apparel uniforms are not your cookie cutter uniforms. The experts truly listen to what you have in mind, and will give you several different options to choose from. If you want a see an amazing sampling of just some of the designs that they have done for teams, check out the Two Five Instagram Feed by clicking here! 

Two Five also offers custom sublimated or stitched uniforms, and their turnaround time is excellent. Although we do suggest that you get your orders in early so you can get your uniforms back in time for the onset of the season. They will also send you sizing packages because as we all know, it’s nearly impossible to fit every girl in the same pair of pants. (That being said, we did not have one issue fitting our 14U with stock pants and they lasted more than 2 seasons) 

Of course one of the biggest aspects for a team looking into uniforms is cost. We all know that uniforms can literally bust a softball budget in two, but Two-Five has remained not just fair in their pricing, not just competitive – but extremely affordable. They offer two different options, for either $69 or $89 per player, which in today’s market is exceptionally priced especially when you consider the fact that you are getting something 100% personalized and original, as well as great quality. 

There is definitely a reason teams have been turning to Two Five Apparel year after year for their uniform needs. 

So here is what you will get. When you request a quote from Two Five, you will get a personalized consultant to help you with your needs. They will give you several design ideas using the colors that you are interested in (no matter how different) and an art team will draft up some samples for you to check out. 

Once you have decided on a design and color scheme (which is truly the hardest part) you will get a fit kit so that you can make sure your uniforms fit your players well. Then, of course, you will be able to choose from a plethora of fan ware items such as hoodies and t-shirts and things that players and fans alike will love to wear.

Once complete, your uniforms are made to order and shipped to your door!  We cannot speak for Two Five as far as turnaround time at this point is, but we received our uniforms within two weeks. 

We do suggest that you act quickly and don’t wait until the last moment to see what Two Five Apparel can do for you. As you know, the season is about to start – and many teams will be scrambling at the last moment to find great game day duds. Additionally, we suggest that you order a few extra jerseys and pants, not just for pick up players, but because roster changes are certainly common during a season. 

So how do you start?





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