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The True Gift of The Holidays! 

Softball is for Girls has been working hard online, to empower and support the families of fastpitch for over 9 years. It is TIME consuming, and our dedication and reason to continue is because we are not only passionate about the SPORT, but about female athletes.

We began selling products to offset the many costs of running an online business. And in years past, we have always given away around 100 shirts to girls whose families may not be able to afford extra softball goodies. Unfortunately, with the rising GREED of Facebook, we are not in a position to simply GIVE away items this year, as we have four daughters of our own, two in college, and of course bills to pay. So we gave it some hard thought because we really wanted to do something. Since our onset, it has been important to us to remain clean and positive and offer value.

We work tournaments often, and we see the excitement that our shirts and products bring, and we see the sadness in the eyes of players whose parents tell them they cannot afford a shirt. Softball girls LOVE to wear their sport.

So this year, our Secret Santa campaign is a little different, but we still hope and pray that you will participate, and either take advantage of this for YOURSELF, or have something sent to a girl you know may be in need.

We are offering our “Never Underestimate a Girl with a Prayer, Plan and a Bat (in white with cool blue ink) for only $1.85. (one per order) This is OUR cost of the shirt, and doesn’t include our time printing or the supplies necessary to make them – so rest assured we aren’t trying to lure you into a get rich scheme for us. That is NOT and never has been the character of our business.

You can either choose to have this sent as an anonymous gift to someone you know, or enclose a card, or have one for your own daughter – as we know that all of us struggle and stress this time of year. (whatever you decide just leave us a note in checkout comments and we will make it happen)

And we hope to make it easier, to both GIVE and spread some holiday cheer!

If you choose to order, please leave the SIZE in order comments when you check out (or you can email it to us) If you are sending this to someone as a Secret Santa (or not Secret Santa) you can leave a note in comments and we will enclose it in the packaging. These will arrive in Holiday Packages! If you are shipping to someone else, just use their name and address in the shipping address.

We hope you will join us in spreading some good cheer this holiday, and that the spirit of giving takes hold of your heart. 

For it is in giving, that we receive!

Please Also Check out the Many Items that we Have up for the Holidays. We are certain you will find something that you love.
Your SUPPORT of us, helps us to CONTINUE supporting this SPORT and the Families of Fastpitch. Unlike many online retailers today, we are truly passionate about softball, and the families we serve.

We are Happy to help. (This is ME on the way to a softball tournament) Every WRINKLE has been earned.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. Please remember that we are a one (and sometimes two) person show which means we make designs, deal with the websites, marketing, shipping (notice our envelopes are all handwritten), and even spend hours covered in ink printing ourselves, and of course we make plenty of mistakes…

Your Patience is appreciated and you patronage of US and this Sport Means the World to us.


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