And She’s Waiting at Home | Softball is For Girls

To the GIRLS Waiting at HOME 

Covered in gear, and sweat and always ready for the pitch

She sits behind homeplate, an expert in her niche. 

She is the eyes on the field, she always has her teams back 

Vigilantly waiting, and tough, never giving runners slack. 

Her legs may grow tired, from squatting so low

Her arms always ready to make a strong throw. 

She blocks up balls with her body, her knees and her chest

Protecting her pitcher, with never enough rest. 

She makes the umpire her friend, helps her pitcher look good 

Keeps the girls on the team doing exactly what they should. 

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She is the coach on the field, her legs tired and sore 

Yet she stays behind homeplate with passion galore. 

Her gear weighs a ton, she gets dirty and tattered 

She squats and she kneels, her body gets battered. 

She takes on the job she is given with zero debate. 

She's proud that her job is to protect homeplate

She rarely, if ever  gets the credit she is due. 

But she is always behind home WAITING FOR YOU! 

How LUCKY are we have to someone so in the zone
She is constantly willing to be waiting at home! 



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  2. Jeanne Witt on December 1, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Yep, she never gives up!

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