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We’re back for our daily 5 things at 5! Super short, and sweet (sometimes not sweet) random straight forward tidbits of inspiration and knowledge and softball words of wisdom. 

Today – 5 Things at 5 – The subject is How to be a Good TEAMMATE! 

  1. Keep your ears open and your mouth closed. In other words, LISTEN to what your coaches are saying to you and follow directions. If THEY make a mistake, like telling your super slow butt to steal third when you know that you are going to get tagged out – run anyways. That’s on them! Listen more than you talk! 
  2. Let gossip stop with YOU! Don’t IG it, don’t get involved in it, don’t spread it to others. If a team mate is gossiping to you about some sort of futile team drama, or another player – let the circle of gossip stop with you. It does nothing but hurt the team. 
  3. Give 100% in practice. Nothing is more annoying that the 2-3 girls who think they can just goof off during practice while the others are working hard. If you’re one of those players that try and cheat to get out of running that extra foul pole, STOP doing that. You cheat yourself and your teammates, and its really annoying! 
  4. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest player, so build everyone UP! So you’re right fielder is slow and never dives for a ball, and is a little bit lazy because she really doesn’t want to play right field and feels stuck there. Cheer her on. Expect her to be better. Build her up! Because complaining about her won’t help you win games. And if all else fails, play HER position better than she does. 
  5. Lead by Example! It’s one thing to talk about what needs to be done, or what needs to happen. But teammates that are respected as leaders on their team, actually WALK THE WALK and their ACTIONS speak louder than their words ever will.

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