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When you’re almost 21 daughter storms out of her room growing what looks like horns out of her head,  at 1 am because she can’t sleep (and has a college exam at 7 am the next morning) because there is some God Awful noise that sounds like a combination of a jackhammer breaking up cement, and a toddler banging on pots…you know you’re a softball parent. 

Because that noise echoing through the house is none other than a pair of softball pants with the belt still in them clanking around in the dryer because your other daughter realized at the 11th hour, that she needed to wear them tomorrow, and that they have been balled up somewhere in her room for a week (or so – no one really knows) 

And look, at 1 am, there is no time or inclination to remove stubborn belts from softball pants, or to even stick your hands inside them to turn them right side up, as the only goal at that point is to make sure they don’t smell like butt. Because Lord knows, they’ll be dirty again in no time flat. 

There is absolutely no SHAME in your socks and flip-flops game on those chilly mornings when the days will turn warm.

Today, we take a cue from Jeff Foxworthy and share “You know you’re a softball parent if….” ((WE would love for you to engage with us and add your commentary as well)) 

You know you’re a softball (sports) parent if……

  • you have opened your trunk after dropping a couple hundred bucks at the grocery store, only to find that there is utterly no room for the groceries because your trunk is filled to the gills with sports equipment so you creatively find places to store the bags of groceries in between bags, and inside helmets, and under seats and anywhere else you can while the eggs and bread ride shotgun.  
  • A ball of some sort, on more than one occassion, has rolled under your pedals while you were driving. 
  • There is absolutely no SHAME in your socks and flip-flops game on those chilly mornings when the days will turn warm. 
  • You have said things like, “Don’t SUCK,” to your kid – and they know its a term of endearment.
  • You own more sports-related t-shirts than any other piece of clothing. 
  • You know the hour by hour weather forecast for Saturday at least a week or more in advance, and you survey weather radar apps just for fun, and you can tell during a game just how far away the lightning and rain are from your exact location…
  • Vacations, sick days, and paid time off are almost always used for something sport related. 
  • Your expectations of your kid at bat, are higher than your expectations of professional players at bat. 
  • You have on occasion, in conversation, harmlessly padded your kid’s stats just a little at least. 
  • Most of the contacts in your phone read something like this “Softball Karlie’s Mom” 
  • You have at least once dropped off a kid at practice and left just to get some alone time. 
  • You see your sports family and spend more time with them than you do your blood family. 
  • You don’t park your car in your garage because the garage is filled with sports gear. 
  • You ride around with a fold-up chair in your car at all times… 
  • You find yourself saying, “What’s that smell,” more often than you would like. 
  • You have a reliable network of “Keep you informed posts” you can count on for a play by play should you run late or have to miss a game. 
  • You know how to dress for winter, thunderstorms and summer all in one day! 
  • The couch is the best place in the house to find clean laundry, and the dryer serves as an Iron. (because who has time to iron) 
  • The crock pot is your best friend
  • This shirt describes your life in three words! (You know you want one…go to our website and get yourself a treat!) 
  • The goldfish died. But you didnt notice for 4 days. 
  • You wake up earlier on the weekends than you do during the week. 
  • You are tired. Broke. But your heart is full!!! 

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