It’s Freezing Season | Sports Sacs Are Here!

If you are a sports parent than you are no stranger to the elements. It’s freezing outside and we know that many places in the United States do not shut down activities just because its cold. (Cold loving FREAKS!)

We have been blessed to try the Sports Sac, and we are pretty sure you will love them. Plus the story behind this small company is probably something that every single one of us can relate to.

the sports sak

Here is their story!

The Sport Sak team is comprised of a mom, Vicki, and her two daughters Heidi and Jamie from Utah. Vick spent her youth cheering on her brothers at their sporting events, regardless of the weather. She then had Heidi and Jamie. As a single mom she made sure her girls were able to do anything and everything they wanted. Well, they chose softball. Softball in Utah is played in the Spring. Let’s just say the weather, in the state known for the world’s best snow, can be unpredictable. Softball and freezing temps are common. Vicki now supports her grandchildren who also play spring and fall sports. She has spent many, many days freezing!

In 2014 a new mom to our team showed up to a freezing game in a wearable sleeping bag. We knew we needed one. Needless to say we bought one. They were being sold from a camping company. In the next 5 years as we wore this bag we were asked no less than 10 times, EVERY SINGLE TIME we wore it, where did you get that? We told people over and over. In 2019 a dad who saw us wearing it, at a baseball tournament in March, came up to ask us where we got it. In his words “he was sick of his wife complaining she was cold!”. He immediately started looking for one and within 10 minutes came up to tell us the company had filed bankruptcy. We knew we needed to get these in the hands of all the people freezing at their kid’s sporting events.

In March 2019 an idea started and we took a leap of faith! Sport Saks were manufactured, delivered, and then the pandemic hit. Spring of 2021 comes around and we start with round 2. April 29, 2021 our daughter-in-law was in a terrible accident in which a semi-truck, weighing 80,000+ pounds, ran a red light and t-boned her. It took 2 ½ years of fighting to get her back and we are so happy she is here, with us! Her example of never giving up guides us as we start round 3 with Sport Sak, LLC.

We are still in shock and our customers and how they support us! Even after years of struggle we still get so much support and word of mouth has been our biggest asset. The support means the world to us!

We are hoping that we all can rally around this family as they show a never quit attitude, and continue too offer an amazing product for the sports community.

You can order these in several ways! They come in red, blue and black!

There are 3 ways to order…

  1. DM us on Facebook or Instagram
  2. Email us at
  3. Text 801-540-0513

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