Black Friday Deals for Sports Parents

Softball Family Inspired Black Friday Deals from AMAZON!  We know sports parents, so we tried to find you 5 affordable black friday deals.

We all love Amazon. It’s fast and easy to deal with – and offers great prices. Of course this weekend the prices are even better – and while some of the items we found aren’t necessarily ‘gift worthy’ we are pretty sure you will like them! 

First up is the GLOW SOFTBALL! Look, we have personally used this thing at softball tournaments for years. Its really fun, obviously at night – and holds up pretty well. Good distraction when you are waiting for the championship game. This weekends price is fabulous! (Might want to order two to last the season) 

softball glow ball

We really think this is cute! Definitely perfect for a best friend or your own daughter. We like that it doesnt overpower the room with seams and yellow – but is something soft that any baller would love. You can grab it by clicking here. This Softball Nightlight makes a great gift at a great price.

What we like about this next one, is that it is super portable. Some of the heated chairs and heaters in general are bulky and WHO wants to carry more heavy junk! This is a heated seat cushion. We do personally have one of these and WE LOVE it! It is on sale for Black Friday,too – and be sure to grab the battery pack if you dont already have one. You can get a one pack or a two pack and they come in several colors. But who cares because you will be sitting on it. Take a look at it by clicking here. 

We like this, and not just for the ballfield. Our daughter is a nurse and she loves taking this to work for her food. But if you are pretty sick of concession stand food and like to eat something homemade and warm this is for you!  The price  is unbeatable. Check it out! 

This little thing is something we really find useful. For me, having my hands free is essential – especially when we are lugging things around, plus it carries your phone too. We know that there a bunch of you with Stanley cups out there – and this is made for them. The Black Friday price is GREAT! You can check out the Stanley cup wrap right here! 

stanley cup wrap black friday

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