The Players Commitment Letter

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OUR NEWEST DESIGN! And it’s JUST $12 this week while supplies last.

As a member of a TEAM, each and every person – from the coaches and parents to the players and fans, play an integral part in the success of the TEAM.

The first thing, and perhaps most important thing to remember for ALL involved when it comes to being on a softball team…..

Is that the WE > I. (Translation….The We is Greater than ME)

In other words, there will be times during your journey where you will have to put the group above yourself, the needs of the team above your wants, the overall goals of the TEAM over your personal goals. Sometimes what is best for the TEAM may not feel like what is best for YOU. And that, as long as its not a constant on your team, is perfectly fine. You still have a place, you still have a reason to be there, you still have a job to do.

Today, we bring you our players contract. While parents and coaches sign commitment letters, and pay money and realize their responsibility, the truth is that it is YOU, the player, who makes the ultimate COMMITMENT. This is the commitment of YOUR time, YOUR effort, YOUR ATTITUDE, YOUR determination, YOUR body, YOUR dedication, YOUR hard work, YOUR coachability, YOUR desire, YOUR passion, YOUR heart, Your willingness to learn, YOUR love of the game, YOUR growth. All for the benefit of the TEAM.

Your coaches and parents and friends and grandparents and the umpires on the field – they all want THIS dream for you. But YOU….the PLAYER….has to be the one that is MOST committed.

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