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The softball world often takes on a life of its own. Its full of trials and tribulations, friends and families, disappointments and joys. Often, at SIFG we say that coaching softball, that parenting softball players, that playing softball is not really about the sport – but about LIFE itself. So many of the most important lessons in life are learnt through sport. This sport.

What we notice so often is that there are a lot of kids today who do not get what they want, or parents today who aren’t happy with a situations and often look to quitting as the best option. We disagree. If it were up to us, every girl who has heart for the game,who likes scrubbing field dust from her scalp at the end of a long day, who likes wearing a uniform SHOULD CONTINUE playing. The playing years end all too soon, and this is something that most of us don’t realize from season to season, until you are facing your last.

We want every girl to play softball anyway. To know that there is a place for you on the field, no matter what your talent – and that NO ONE in this world can tell you to stop doing something that you love. 

  • You might not make a team, or get cut from a team. We say play anyway. Think of it as a blessing, and find yourself a new niche where YOU will be appreciated.
  • You might not get to play your favorite position. We say play anyway. Knowing that playing in and of itself is the goal, and that you might just learn something new.
  • You might have people tell you that you are not good enough. We say play anyway. Who are they to tell you what you can and cannot do or accomplish. One persons opinion of you only matters if you allow it to.
  • You may have really bad games where you lose your confidence. Play the next game anyways. We say never quit on a miss, and use your disappointment to fuel your success. bigger utility


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  • You may play on a team that doesn’t do things with integrity. Play anyway, and use your lessons to learn what to look for in a team that matches your goals ethically and otherwise.
  • You might lose a friend along the way. We say play anyway. You will have gained more friends and family by the time you take the field for the last time than you will have ever of lost.
  • You might get yelled at by a coach or be asked to run laps. Play anyway. Think of this coach as pushing you to reach your potential. Discipline is a good lesson to learn.
  • You might get injured during a game. We say go to practices and games and do what you are able to do. Play anyway you can even if it’s just 20% until you are healthy again.
  • You might sit the bench. We say play anyway, and don’t let the bench feel like punishment but rather allow it to push you and make you work harder than anyone else. Finding your way off the bench, in softball and in life – is a key to success.
  • You might have days where you hate softball. Would rather be with your boyfriend or friends than on the field. Play anyways. You have a lifetime for boys and a social life, play softball while you can.
  • You may not want to play in college. You know what? That’s perfectly fine. College is not the ALL FOR ONE ULTIMATE GOAL of every player. But we say play anyway. You don’t have to have the ultimate goal of playing in college to be a great softball player. There are plenty of talented girls who don’t play collegiately.
  • You may have days where you are tired. We say lace up the cleats and play anyways. Nothing can improve energy or a downtrodden mood like a softball field.
  • You might not get along with all of your teammates. Play anyway. This is just part of life but learning to work together and be a team is what is important.
  • You may have droughts. Slumps. They may take weeks or even months to resolve. Play anyway. The worst thing you can do is allow a valley to keep you from climbing a mountain. The most beautiful views are at the top.
  • You will come across people who don’t have your best interests in mind, who are jealous, petty, self-absorbed, or pretend to be your friends. Play anyways. And be grateful for the experience gained that allows you to see these people (they exist in every aspect of life) for what they are. And play anyways.
  • You may want to quit. We say….play anyways. Start playing for fun, or find a team that is not as competitive, or play with your friends. But keep playing. We promise you from experience that when its time really put the glove and cleats away you will miss these days. These are truly the days of your life that you will remember the most, and we hope that no girl, gives up on them too easily. Because once they are gone, you cannot get them back.
  • The Reasons to Play softball anyways, greatly outweigh any reason why you may want to quit. 
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