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They showed up at the field with all of their gear, just like they had done the entire year.

The coach wrote the lineup, the girls all stared and then the pitcher stood up and proudly shared.

“I am the starter, the best on the team, without me pitching we’d lose it seems” 

The catchers eyes popped at what she had heard, inside her mind – her pride was stirrred.

“Without me catching you, you’d throw nothing but balls – how do YOU think you get those strike calls?”

4 outfielders were listening, warming up in the grass, and they exclaimed quickly with a lot of sass!

“HAHA OMG, who do YOU think catches those balls at the fence, without us outfielders, we’d have zero defense!”

The 2nd baseman and short stop were warming up for the day, but suddenly THEY too had something to say!

With fly balls and change ups, the rest of you fiddle – but who do you think protects EVERYTHING up the middle?”

Then first base threw one long ball across the field to third, and came running in wanting to be heard!

“I catch all your bad throws, and stretch far to make plays, without ME you’d end up losing all day!”

The third baseman had clearly heard quite enough and ran over to the group in quite a huff!

“Have y’all seen some of the plays that I have made, I have alone won many games with the balls I have slayed!”

By this time the entire team was fussing about the theme, trying to figure out who was the most important player on the team.

The coach came over to see what was the matter, irritated with all the fussing and chatter.

“I am the one who who is most important he claimed, without me this team would not even be named!”

Then a few moms and dads walked over to the group, like a flock of geese in a giant swoop.

“WE are the ones that PAY for it all, we are the ones who let you play BALL!” 

Oh, what a mess this team was in, each one trying to gain an individual win. 

Then a wise old man dressed in blue could take no more, and told them all that he was pretty sure…

“Each person on the team, each parent fan, and coach – could not do it alone and should not boast. 

A team is a team, it takes every single one – to make this work, to get the dream done. 

There is no one position more important than the next, and y’all need to keep yourselves in check. 

This is a game that can’t be won when there’s too much pride, you need to put your arrogant egos aside. 

Now get it together, its time to play ball – and without each of your teammates you will certainly fall!

“In softball and in LIFE, it is important to remember – that we are ALWAYS better when we are TOGETHER!”

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