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There is NOTHING that we love more than a company that specifically reaches out to the girls fastpitch softball community and provides products that are actually made for girls softball. Precision Impact has done just that!

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With over 10 years of coaching fastpitch teams, we can say for certain that there are a lot of things that travel teams actually need to make life on the road easier, and a bunch of things that are simply unnecessary. (The TV and the trailer and the satellite hook ups) 

When you are on the road with your team for a tournament, you have to think of terms of space and versatility. So when Precision Impact Sports sent us their newest product to test out, all we could think about was “not another thing to lug around at the ballfield!” We weren’t skeptical…we were lazy! 

So basically, the Precision Impact Balls are slugs.

If you aren’t familiar with slugs YOU SHOULD BE! They are heavyweight, sand-filled PVC balls that are used to improve hitting.  One of the very best things about these balls (besides the are pink and larger for SOFTBALL) is that they give instant feedback to the hitter. In order to move them far, an athlete has to swing THROUGH the ball! The density of the ball doesn’t make them easy to hit, and we find them to be much more useful (and safer) than hitting basketballs for power. 

The next best thing about slugs is that they can be used in small spaces without having to worry about injuries. (disclaimer…it may hurt a little to get hit with slugs, but our 16U team used them as dodge-balls after practice just for fun and no one was injured 🙂 

They can even be used indoors. In your basement, garage or living room if you dare. Because they are heavy and soft they don’t travel far once they are hit.

And we promise that your team will LOVE having a contest to see who can hit the slug the furthest on the team. 

Slugs can be used off a tee, or with pitching, and there really is no need for a net to use them. So for warming up in tight spaces on the ballfield and for indoor use they are a fantastic tool! And although they aren’t advertised for this, they are a fantastic tool to help your fielders use soft bands when catching balls. Have your players play catch barehanded with them. 

These slugs are softball sized!!

That makes a huge difference. Most of what you will find in sporting goods stores (gag) are made for baseball. They may have the color right, but the size is wrong. So these are great for GIRLS FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL TEAMS.

And may we add that we are extremely thankful and grateful to Precision Impact for actually thinking of the girls fast-pitch community with this product. Most companies these days just overlook all of us. 

Overall, these are a great training tool. They are easy to carry around in your bucket, will come in handy on the ball-field, and versatile and worth having! They also will last a long time (probably much longer than your practice balls) And, they are well priced compared to what you will find online and in sporting goods stores.

Check them out here PRECISION IMPACT SOFTBALL SLUGS  and don’t forget to use the COUPON CODE they created just for our fans. 4girls

To check out more ways to use Precision impact softball slugs, check out these videos! 



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