The Girls of Fall (Spring, Summer and Winter too) | Softball is For Girls

While there certainly is something about the BOYS of FALL,


They play hard in the spring when the weather is nice 

And in the summer swelter, they survive munching on ice.

And when fall draws near, out there they are still

Not deterred by a winter snowflake or the brittle windy chill

They shed blood sweat and tears, their teammates by their side

And inside their hearts they feel nothing but pride.

The crowds may be small, the lights may be dim,

The fields may be old, put together on a whim.

There may be rocks in the infield and weeds in the lawn

But they play like girls, get dirty, and are strong.

They battle, they fight, they dig deep, and hit hard

With dirt in their eye, they’ll take the ball yard.

They run and they slide, they scrape up their knees

Throw fast and make plays, they do it with ease.

From before the suns up, till the moon shines above

These girls are out fighting playing a game that they love.

They don’t do it for the glory, the fortune or fame

They do it because quite simply – they LOVE THIS GAME! 

With their fans behind them and their softball sisters by their side 

Talent, grit and determination, they cannot hide!  

At the end of the day, when the moon hangs low

They’ll pick up their stuff and away they will go. 

Tired and dirty, bruised and battered

Proud and sore, no need to be flattered.  

So before you go praising the ‘boys of fall’

Take a look at the amazing girls of softball…

Through all sorts of adversity, on the field they stay strong

Proving when you “Play like a Girl,” you can never go wrong! 

(Copyrighted Works 2017 By Softball is For Girls) 



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