Team CAPTAIN of the Week!

We love featuring amazing players at Softball is For Girls! Throughout our years on the ballfield, we have pretty much seen it all. But one player who we have been lucky enough to actually see in action, and play with locally – has truly touched our hearts season after season.

Her name is Kaitlynn.


We do not know her or her parents personally, but we have shared the brick dust with her and her team from Carroll County Georgia. And we have to say, to watch her in action, is not only inspiring – but puts a lot of things about life and softball in perspective.

We have never seen Kaitlynn not smiling on the field. And when she hits the ball, and gets one of her many home runs, it is a moment that lives forever in the hearts of the coaches, opponents, and officials and fans watching the game. She runs the bases with pride, smiling as she touches each one, and leaping onto home plate. She invokes a spirit of sportsmanship from other players her own age, that is truly a gift. She is surrounded by claps and cheers and high fives, and she truly feels the pride inside her heart. There is no DOUBT that she loves this game!

We, in the softball world, have a lot of complaints and petty differences. We tend to whine and scream ‘not fair” at the drop of the hat. We tend to create problems sometimes, where truly there are none. We say things like “my child’s spirit is broken,” or “something horrible happened,” or “my daughter says she never wants to play again because something BAD happened,” anytime things don’t go our way. The reality is that horrible, and bad, and life changing – are all a matter of perspective, and it is time to start thinking a little more about our own. We are all blessed beyond measure!

Because, then there is Kaitlynn.


A beautiful, shining and SINCERE example of someone who is experiencing the simple and pure JOY that fastpitch softball, that playing a game, that having teammates that support her, that being part of something bigger than just yourself, that being able to walk onto the field and just PLAY – truly SHOULD bring to ALL of our children! 

Here are words from Kaitlynn’s mom.

“My daughter Kaitlynn who is 8 years old and has Down Syndrome. She plays softball for Carroll County recreation dept and absolutely LOVES IT! On the field she not only inspires me but she inspires her teammates, their families, and even the other team we’re playing against.  ♡ her sassy personality attracts everyone she meets. She wasn’t able to play Allstars but they made her Team Captain so she could be a part of the Allstars team. So to honor that, She will be able to throw the first pitch to kick off the first tournament of the season!”



Please help us celebrate Kaitlynn today! Let’s share her spirit for the softball world to see! Let us learn from her smile. She blesses everyone around her, and is truly an inspiration and joy to watch.


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