Silly boys….Softball IS for Girls

As a parent of four girls, it is often frustrating to see how much emphasis is placed on baseball, while fastpitch players seem to get thrown in the background.  The girls work just as hard, sweat just as much, spend as much time at the field as the boys, yet never seem to get the recognition that they deserve?

Why is that?

It seems that in 2011, we have come to a point that girls and women’s athletics should take centerstage in the same manner that boys sports programs do.  Recreation departments should offer just as much opportunity to girls as they do to boys, and leagues and players should be rewarded in the same ways.

From where I sit, it seems that fastpitch softball may just be HARDER than traditional baseball.  Last season, my daughters 10U team challenged a 10U boys team…and they refused to play us?  Hmmm?  Were they afraid that the diamond adorned with girls wearing french braids and sparkly headbands was going to kick some boy baseball booty?  It certainly couldnt be that they were afraid the GIRLS would get hurt?

What do you thing?  Do female athletics and fastpitch softball specifically seem to be second to baseball and other male sports programs?


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