Fastpitch. Not Just a Game

I have met a lot of girls who play fastpitch.

It seems to me, that nearly every girl I meet, expereinces some sort of emotional high when they are standing on the field.  Maybe its the dirt.  Or maybe its the generalized excuse of the game that allows girls to get aggressive and mean for once in their life.  Or maybe its the simple thrill of trying to hit an optic yellow ball as far as they can and running from base to base that makes so many girls fall in love.

Whatever IT is, I know first hand that for the girls that play fastpitch – it is not just a game.  Fastpitch softball is a way of life.  It is a definition that girls can proudly add to the Who am I paragraph on their Facebook page.  It is a reason to get out of bed on a Saturday morning before the sun has come up and to play well into the twilight hours.  It is a reason to get along with other girls, some who they may not like or even be friends with under normal social situations, in order to win a game, or tournament.

I have noticed that it doesnt really matter if a girl who plays fastpitch softball is playing for a Class A Gold travel team, or if they are strutting their stuff in a local REC league.  Most of them are there because something inside of them loves the game.  You can almost see all the common dreams of making the double play, hitting the game winning home run or catching that obnoxiously high pop fly to shut out another team, waiting patiently behind the faces of these young girls.

And the best part is that if they stick with the game long enough, continue to practice, continue to show up and make fastpitch a priority in their life – one day those dreams will become a reality.

Fastpitch softball.  Its not just a game.  Its a way of life.  Dont believe it – come out one weekend and watch a game.


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