Logan’s Story

Back in December, we were notified by Head Coach Chip Parsons of Pine Ridge High School, that their team was going to adopt an honorary player for their season. They chose a little girl named Logan, who is battling a deadly illness, and named her as a member of their High School Softball team. The hope is that the team will be able to give Logan back moments of her childhood as she faces very adult circumstances. And of course, that the High School softball team will be her army of supporters, her friends, her team-mates, her FAMILY! Life is so much better when you have a softball family to fall back on!

Since Logan didn’t have any of her own softball equipment, we put up a post on our FB page and in true SIFG FAN FASHION, y’all delivered BIG! Coach Parsons received so much stuff in fact, that he had to make two trips to deliver.

So for that, from the bottom of our HEARTS…..THANK YOU! Coach Parsons thanks you as well. 

We also wanted to keep you updated. Most of us take the health and well-being of our children for granted. We don’t want to think about our children every being sick, or not having an opportunity to play ball.  However, there are a lot of families in this world, who are just hoping and praying that their children have an opportunity to live, and live long and well. Their  wishes are much more intense than hoping that weekend weather cooperates so the tournament will go on.

On January 28th, we received an email from Coach Parsons. The Pine Ridge Softball Team finally got to meet their new teammate. Looks like she got her very own wind-breaker and is the happy recipient of Lucky # 7! I think the joy on the faces of the girls, as well as Logan’s smile – speaks volumes. meeting loganCoach Parsons reported “My girls got to meet Logan for the first time today.  I’ve attached some pictures of her time at our practice today.  She took right to our team and was adorable out there on the field with them.  I was so very proud of my girls for taking her under their wing and treating her like their sister.  The girls loved her!”


On February 3rd, Pine Ridge had their season opener, and of course…their teammate and softball sister, Logan was there to throw out the first pitch.

opening day

Pine Ridge Softball opened up our regular season today and Logan was there to throw out the first pitch.  She did a great job and fit right in with our team.  She even had her own bucket to sit on right beside the coaches and cheered the team on the whole game.

My players absolutely adore her and can’t wait to have her at another game.  She comes from a great family and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part as the Pine Ridge Softball Family.”

We will continue to follow Logan and the Pine Ridge Softball team throughout their season. We  believe that Coach Parsons is doing a wonderful thing, not just for Logan, but for every member of his high school softball team.

We have said it before and we will say it again. Softball teaches LIFE skills, and we are pretty sure Logan will have lots to teach this softball team along the way.



  1. Chip on February 12, 2015 at 9:18 am

    We are having a blast with Logan at our games and practices w/ Pine Ridge. She keeps my girls in line out there

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