You Know Your Daughter Plays Softball WHEN…..

In some ways, its funny – just how much us softball parents/grandparents/coaches and fans are alike. And most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with the game of softball – even though we love it much more than we hate it. The thing is, that our daughters cannot pursue this passion on their own, which means that the adults in their life have sacrifices to make.

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And sacrifice we do.  Even so, few of us would have it any other way.

Whether you are just starting out in travel, or have been playing it for years – chances are you will be able to resonate with some of these things, proving once again that we are all more alike than different!

You know your daughter plays softball when…….

1.  The inside of your car is filled with empty and half full Gatorade and water bottles, has cleat marks on the dash and shiny speckles of brick dust and grime glittered in every nook and cranny of the vehicle. Chances are there is at least one pair of softball socks (that have hardened from dirt and sweat), a few balls, and perhaps a forgotten jersey or britches balled up underneath the seats.  Oh, and the smell!  One night leaving those cleats in the car – and even a professional detailing job cannot remove the smell.

2. Speaking of cars – yours has TONS of miles on it.  Funny thing is, all those miles don’t equate to vacations. They come from long weekends traveling to tournaments and weekly practices and cage work and going to the local fields. Time and time again!  Amazing how many miles just one softball player can put on a vehicle. And bet you a dollar you have at least one fastpitch sticker on your car as well!?!

3. You never leave home without a chair, a cooler, and blankets, gloves and hoodies just in case temperatures dip in the evening. 

4.  You cut your grass at 10pm during the weeknights (much to the dismay of neighbors), only after the neighbors complain, because you are never home on the weekends to do it.

5.  You have about 15 small home improvement projects that need to be done, but that never GET done, because there just isn’t any time.

6. You own more ball t-shirts than regular clothes.

7.  In the summertime, you and your whole family sport the ultimate farmers and flip-flop tans. (Except for those rare mama’s who wear bikini tops to tournaments?)

8.  You are softball poor. Meaning, all the extra money that you have goes to something softball related whether it be extra lessons, tourney fees, meals on the road, new cleats, a new bat, concession stand allowances and GAS money.

9.  Grocery shopping includes buying copious amounts of drinks, fruit, bagged snacks and ICE that make the clerk think you run a convenience store! (But then, who has room for groceries with all that ball stuff clogging up your vehicles storage space?)

10.  Your Facebook posts are mostly action shots or team shots, (hopefully with trophies) and mostly keep the world up to date on how well your daughter and team are doing during tournaments.

11.  You can set up and take down a pop-up tent in less than 5 minutes! And know how to move large amounts of stuff from one field to the next with both ease and poise making even the most seasoned traveler look like a rookie.

12.  On Sundays and Monday, your voice is hoarse from cheering.

13.  The day after tournaments feels worse than the worst hangover you may have ever had.

14.  You spend the entire week watching the weather forecast, hoping that it is fosters fastpitch play.  Predictions of rain – even days away, are cause for grave concern. And anxiety.

15.  Your purse or ‘ball bag’ is completely prepared for any emergency that can possibly happen during a game.

16.  Dinnertime conversations are like your own personal episodes of Sports Center, recalling and recanting a tournaments worth of work with pride and happiness!

17. You never sleep in on the weekends.  And if you’re lucky – you see both sunrise and sunset at the ball fields!

18.  On weekends off, or during the off-season, you feel like you have lost your best friend and have no idea what to do with yourself, so you and your girl go to the field to practice.

19.  Most get togethers with friends involve girls wearing softball shirts.  (Which by the way, you should order some of ours – they’re awesome!)

20. During cold winter months, your bats LIVE indoors. And your garage, carport or storage area is stuffed to the gills with what looks like junk to other people, but is your life blood.

21.  Last but certainly not least, you know your daughter plays softball when YOU love it as MUCH AS SHE DOES! After all, how can you not. It’s the most exciting game on earth – and it features our most favorite people of all.  Our daughters!


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