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Softball Bound is in the AppStore Today!

Let us introduce Apps by AllTeamz, and our first app, Softball Bound. It is being released to help athletes contact the college fastpitch softball coach at their favorite universities.

So before you click the icons, I know you are probably thinking $3.99? Here’s the deal. I was maintaining a list of schools to help my daughter’s softball team before attending tournaments. I got a list of all NCAA schools from the NCAA directly. The list doesn’t tell you which schools have softball, so I spent a crazy amount of time putting together a list of the ones who did. I found and recorded coach names, phone numbers, emails, etc. I started emailing coaches before we went to big tournaments and I thought…. wow, this work is paying off.

We started having girls commit to schools and schools were emailing back and asking if we have certain types of players at specific positions. Everytime I received one of these emails I would go to the site and look up the school to check out the enrollment and other metrics before replying.

So here is where we are, I have a working list that includes all of the things you’d want to know about a school and a great app that puts all of this information right in your pocket. So yeah, it’s $3.99 and I will update it as proactively as anyone can. I will also accept your feedback and update any school you give a thumbs down for in the app. 

  • Includes all NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 Universities with softball teams
  • Includes all NAIA Division 1 and 2 Colleges with softball teams
  • Over 800 college softball coaches contact information: phone, email, & website
  • Create a favorites list for easy reference
  • Add a coach or university to your phone contacts
  • Know the number of undergraduates at the school and how many return after their freshman year
  • Know the average SAT and ACT scores for students
  • Know how many of the students receive pell grants
  • Share a softball coach or college via text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Report wrong information and get an update in the app within 24 hours.

Get it For Apple 

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