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There are so many incredible trainers out there. Let me preface everything I’m going to write in this article by stating that no one training method is the ONLY way to train an athlete. I find it extremely fascinating that any person to derive from any trainer or coaches’ beliefs is wrong. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of trainers that must make me see their methods or agree with them in their methodologies.

I know what I’ve found a ton of success in with thousands of athletes. So, this brings me to my original question; “How do you train a softball player?” I’ll start off with telling you some very important things you DO NOT do. A program for softball players must be developed to create and consistently challenge and prepare a softball player for their skill sets as an athlete but also as a softball player. So here are so really important things NOT to do;

-Don’t have your softball players run miles, or even one mile for that matter, as a means of conditioning and especially as a way of increasing speed. Coaches and trainer’s that include any type of distance running for a softball player is a detriment. Softball players need short amounts of high intensity speed work. The typical softball play only lasts for 11 seconds. If you encourage a player to run distance, you are guaranteed to develop a slower player. The longest time I have players run for is two minutes.

-Don’t have your players lift heavy in the weight room. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen or heard of a weight room program created by the football coach, and that includes a program completely the opposite of what softball players need. They do not need heavy weight for maximum reps, or movements like power lifts that only are performed in one plane of motion. The softball player is a dynamic player that needs to train in multiple planes of motion.

Here is what a softball needs;

-speed development work that stresses correct mechanics and ability to accelerate and change direction

-plyometric skills that develop a players jumping and movement skills

-mobility and flexibility routines that develop a player’s ability to avoid injury and prepare for work

-power development skills. I try to stay away from encouraging strength programs that don’t develop power systems. Yes, the two are incredibly different.

To develop a player into a badass softball player they need the confidence in not only their softball skills but they have to feel confident in their ability to become a game changer. Here’s some great sample routines to add to your toolbox of softball development power skills

1 min each

-10 box hops to a sprint



-jumping pull ups

-lateral plank walks

30 repetitions each

-jumping ball slams

-split squats

-high pulls

-active planks

-squat-shoulder press

For more workout routines  or questions contact Kris Massaro at

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