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Pitchers. They do a hard job. In front of so many people to boot. And to be successful they have to put in hours during practice and after practice. It’s not easy and not every softball player is cut out to be a pitcher.

Today, we discuss the 5 easiest ways to make a pitcher mad. Not that you want a mad pitcher, because that’s not good – but maybe more so you can just identify these behaviors and STOP them before they happen.

  1. Tell her to (and we quote) “just throw strikes!” This is #1 for a reason, because there is likely nothing else that makes a pitcher more irritated than to hear coaches, fans, parents (especially parents) and teammates telling her to just throw strikes when she struggles to find the strike zone.
  2. Have an outfielder drop a can of corn, after a pitcher goes into a full count with a batter and WINS the battle by getting her to swing at a changeup which she pops up like a can of corn directly to the right fielder who….unfortunately…for not particular reaosn because the sun is not in her face nor was it hit too high or to far….drops it. Like a can of corn.
  3. Dropped third strikes followed by a runner not only getting on first, or second but to third (and eventually scoring) because of bad throws and sleepy defense.
  4. Having your pitches called by someone who doesn’t really know how to call your pitches, and won’t trust you that your drop ball is NOT working and you can’t throw it for a strike if your life depended on it….. ***This is also an easy way to piss of a pitchers parent who spends countless hours on a bucket catching said pitcher, and knows what pitches are good and which aren’t*** Example….pitcher throws her fast ball by a batter for two easy strikes, batter is 6 days late on the pitch, and the next pitch called is a changeu (instead of the fast ball further off the plate which the batter choked on), giving the batter just enough time to catch up and get a hit. With two strikes. Sigh….
  5. This one is tricky. Because it’s a hard (maybe impossible) to win situation. You can either leave her in too long, or you can pull her too quick. One way or the other, you risk making a pitcher (and her parents) mad. Regardless of what the intentions of the coach are on this one, someone is bound to disagree and think you either left her in too long, or pulled her too quick….
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